Does it sometimes happen that you find yourself pondering about a matter, not knowing what to do next?  Even if knowledgeable generally, certain things are better learnt about before tackling in life.  When ignorant, in doubt, or feeling confused, enlighten yourself joyfully for the better.  

I’m a self-improvement blogger, sharing what I experience with my blog readers.  I truly believe that no matter how much we may know, we’ll all encounter some situations where we, as humans, will be left perplexed.  When faced with such a puzzle, what do you do?  

In some cases, avoiding the matter altogether could seem an option, but isn’t the most beneficial choice to make.  On the other hand, diving deeper and taking steps to grow your know-how will boost success.  Adopting a new way of doing things can be a challenge, but at the same time, is often the best alternative.

Here are 8 simple things that support me and can help my readers:

1. Identify the topic of interest

Pin down what needs contemplation.  Identify the topic or more specifically, the point to be worked on.  If not done properly at the start, you risk wasting time needlessly.

2. Rate its importance

I often ask myself how important a new skill is to me.  Do I risk losing much or little if I don’t build on or develop it?  Will it make a difference or not?     

How to enlighten yourself joyfully for the better
Image from How to enlighten yourself joyfully for the better – Tips from Sharvi.

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3. Benefits of finding out

The steps described above support evaluating the benefits of finding out.  Study about things or skills that are relevant and beneficial, especially when time and money will be invested in receiving them.

4. Impact of staying ignorant

Think about the impact of staying uninformed.  Will not mastering the new skill you’re considering have a detrimental effect on your work?  Will you waste time taking a course?  Will your performance improve?

5. Research

Once you’re sure that you want to acquire the skills (personal or professional), set goals if needed.  Research in any appropriate and relevant way.  The options could range from informal to formal studying methods and completely free to a range of prices.

Free of charge:

  • Online search
  • Watch YouTube videos
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Talk to someone
  • Post in forums


  • Read a book or ebook
  • Take online courses
  • Seek professional advice

These are some of the most common examples, but the list isn’t exhaustive.  There could be other ways to consider, based on your situation.  Think about them and choose the best alternative.

Recommended self-improvement resources

6. Fulfil the need

Once you’ve satisfied the need to acquire the information and wisdom you crave, you can be more confident in making calculated decisions.  Being enlightened about things that are crucial to life success is vital (however you define success for yourself).  On the other hand, staying ignorant will either cause hesitation, a lack of self-confidence, or risk making bad decisions.

7. Ongoing learning

Lifelong and ongoing learning is primordial.  Studying can be formal or informal, through life experiences, at any age, by observing others, practising and many more.  Remain updated about best practices in your industry to stay on top of things.  Best of all, feel the joy of always growing personally!

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How to enlighten yourself joyfully for the better
Image from How to enlighten yourself joyfully for the better – Tips from Sharvi.

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Each time after having realized a goal, I enjoyed the satisfaction that comes with it.  My reward could be as simple as my favourite cake and coffee, but I value it every time.  How do you spoil yourself after having reached a personal development milestone?

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To sum up, choose to pick up things that bring out the best in you.  Formal or informal, there are many ways to acquire new skills and remain updated.  Would you like to share your experience?  If you know someone who needs to read my article, please share it.  Thanks and cheers!

23 thoughts on “How to enlighten yourself joyfully for the better

  1. I often feel lazy or find reasons why I can’t learn new things right now. Hate it about myself and try to control it as much as I can (in my case all I need is to understand I feel like that without any real reasons).

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  2. It is so true that there are many circumstances in life when we encounter a challenge where we are not sure how to solve it. Thankfully, the Internet and other coaching programs can help us find solutions that work.

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  3. These are really great tips. I often find that I try to do too much at once that I get nowhere. So now trying to just focus on one thing at a time

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  4. This is such an interesting and well thought through approach to self-improvement. I especially like that you’ve questioned whether it’s actually important and what the benefit of improving is – sometimes I feel like we live in a world that places so much emphasis on development that we forget sometimes that it’s ok not to be pushing to be more in some aspects of our lives.

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  5. Such a great post that makes me wonder where I am in the process of self-improvement. I am always learning more and this article validates this and encourages me to continue to move forward to my highest calling.

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  6. Great timing! Struggling a little right now with “what’s next” in life now life is returning to “normal”. Taking some time to step back and re-evaluate what’s bringing me joy!

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