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Do you sometimes feel that you’re in despair, can’t control what happens in your life and so on?  Your mood could affect your day and lower your productivity at work.  If you feel gloomy too often, this could potentially harm your relationships.  In the longer term, you’ll miss out on the pure joys of life!

I blog about life tips and in this post, I’ll share some ideas for cheering yourself up.  This is the first part of my list of hacks for you.  I’ll publish a second blog post soon (watch out for it).

Disclaimer: My blog is to be used for general information purposes only. In case of need, do seek help from a professional in the relevant field.

Here are 17 tips to help you feel at your best:

1. Be motivated

Like with anything that you undertake, being genuinely motivated is primordial.  When feeling in despair, you have to get yourself back on track and decide that you will combat the mood.  You need to be truly motivated to chase away negative thoughts.

2. Be positive

Take a mature view of things.  Saying to yourself that life is a nightmare will only make it so.  Instead, realize that seeing the brighter side and taking a problem-solving approach is a practical way of dealing with issues.

3. Live intentionally

Choose intentional living.  Know your life purpose and true priorities.  Don’t let petty matters rob you of the simple joys that you already have.

4. Tell jokes

Joke with others or if on your own, read a comic book.  Find ways to smile, laugh and enjoy life.

How to lift your spirits perfectly
Courtesy of Canva. How to lift your spirits perfectly, Tips from Sharvi.

5. Relax

If you’re feeling stressed, then relaxation is essential.  Find activities that help you release tension.

6. Have hobbies

Block time on your daily to-dos and calendar for your favourite activities.  Hobbies have many benefits.  Find time for them and practice regularly.

7. Meditate

Meditation helps in diverse ways.  Mindful living supports you to live in the present.  Relish all the blessings that you already have.

8. Repeat affirmations

Repeat affirmations that will lift your spirits.  Say to yourself that you’ll have a great day today, every single day.

9. Gratitude journaling

Keep a gratitude journal.  Remind yourself of all the wonderful things you enjoy.  Keep your mind off complaining and feeling bad for yourself.

10. Read

Read your favourite books.  Read a new book by your best-loved author.  Dive into a world of fiction and enjoy it!

11. Take time off

It’s important to unplug from time to time.  Take a vacation and a break from work.  Get back with more enthusiasm, feeling revitalized.

12. Enjoy family time

Spend quality time with family.  It’s vital for relationships.  Take the time to see what others have been up to, daily.

13. Meet up

Meet up with sincere friends.  Especially when feeling down, be sure to choose the right company.  Surround yourself with your best pals.

14. Savour music

I appreciate this… ‘If music be the food of love, play on’ (from Shakespeare’s comedy, Twelfth Night)!  Choose the right music for yourself, unwind and feel better.

How to lift your spirits perfectly
Courtesy of Canva. How to lift your spirits perfectly, Tips from Sharvi.

15. Dance

If you’re a night owl, then go to a night club.  Get on the dance floor and feel at your very best.  Unwind, doing what you desire and admire the most.

16. Watch movies

Find pleasure in movies that bring you joy.  Do you prefer comedy, action, romance or other genres?  Avoid sad and depressing ones.  Stories that show suffering and injustice are not conducive to cheer you up.

17. Keep a pet

Have a cat, dog or other pet.  It’s a therapy in itself!  Patting your furry canine friend at the end of a hectic day is so comforting.

I’ve listed 17 tips so far, I’ll get back with more in my next blog post.


To sum up, life is full of ups and downs.  Fortunately, you’re in control of the way you react to things.  Take a positive attitude, find what truly motivates you and do activities that cheer you up!  Do you have any tips to share?  Please post a comment below.  If you know anyone who would benefit from my post, please share it.  Thank you!!

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