If you’re a tea lover, like I am, do read on… If you’re not exactly tea-crazy, but do drink tea from time to time, then do read on too!…

Oxforddictionaries.com defines tea as ‘a hot drink made by infusing the dried crushed leaves of the tea plant in boiling water’.  As on Wikipedia.org, ‘tea plants are native to East Asia, and probably originated in the borderlands of north Burma and southwestern China’.  However tea has become a popular daily drink in many countries, and exists in different types or categories, based on how it is processed.  Namely, the types of tea are white, yellow, green, oolong, black and post-fermented.

I love having tea at breakfast time, and if possible, in the afternoon as well.  It energises me in the morning and aids relaxation after a tiring day.  Personally, I need my daily dose of tea, restricting myself to one or maybe even two cups, as I can’t tolerate too much caffeine.  Caffeine intake in the evening, can cause insomnia for some people, as is the case for me, so I sadly must abstain!

Being a herbal drink, tea has various benefits.  Anti-oxidant, having less caffeine than coffee, keeping your smile bright (as it’s less likely to stain your teeth compared to coffee), can be conducive to slimming down, when taken as an infusion (no rich milk and sugar added), just to name a few.

Want some fresh ideas on how to bring your friends together?  Throw a tea party, with different types of tea, make them hot / cold / serve with delicious pastries, chocolate delicacies, ice cream, savoury, and many more,… just be creative!  Have a fun get-together, with music and games!

Would you like to declare your love for tea?  Please do so (kindly abstain from naming brands for commercial purposes.  Only post a link if informative).  Thank you!

Featured photo credit: Photo by Lisa on Pexels.com


12 thoughts on “Are you a tea lover?

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    My heartfelt thanks to you for following my blog, and for all the likes & comments!And hope we continue to grow and support each other in this journey!

    Also, my blog A Wayward Scribbles reached the milestone of 500+ followers last month and I thought why not celebrate it!

    So, I’m very excited to personally invite you to my blog party(23 May, 2018), since you’re one of those amazing blogger who chose to follow my blog and I would love to show my gratitude!

    See you at the party!

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      1. Pleasure is mine! And it’s just going to be like every other blog party on WordPress where bloggers share link to their blog/post, meet bloggers and make new friends! So join the fun!

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