This blog post is the first of a series. It was a few days ago, having left Flic en Flac (a popular beach in Mauritius), I was driving back home. Although I had work on my mind, I suddenly wondered if I could stop, just for a few minutes…

I found a safe place to park, had a few sips of water and got down the car, just to breathe some fresh air. Looking at the scenery, I quickly got my camera out of my bag, to capture the mountain view…

Mountain view 2 Phoenix - Beau Songes Link Road link road 170418

Mountain view 3 Phoenix - Beau Songes Link Road link road 170418

Not only was I grateful, to be able to stretch my legs for a few minutes, I also took these photos for my blog!

It’s a real tragedy that being so busy, people get nervous, act under stress, forget to be polite, drink and drive, and so on… While on the wheel, remaining calm is so primordial. I did loose about 5 minutes of my time, but I felt so relaxed and happy, that I gained a hundred times more!

Do you have any tips for a pleasant and safe drive? Please do share them below. Have a great blast this Saturday, dear Readers, and do remember to drive safely,… always!!!


6 thoughts on “Road safety is everyone’s business! (1)

  1. That was amazing what you did. Everyone is usually in such a rush to get from point A to point B, they never take the time to appreciate everything in between. Beautiful pictures.

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