This is the second post of a series on ‘road safety’. If you’ve missed the first one, then you may wish to catch up, by reading ‘Road safety is everyone’s business! (1)‘ ,where I tell you how a pleasant experience, inspired me to write on this topic! In this post, I’ll simply remind you of some safety measures to take, which I put into practice myself, daily.

Road traffic safety refers to ‘the methods and measures used to prevent road users from being killed or seriously injured’, as per an article on Wikipedia. I believe that driving is a very helpful skill indeed, and that once we’ve been given our driver’s license, we should improve ourselves, in an ongoing manner. As a responsible driver, we should know and remain updated about safe driving skills.

Before starting a journey, you should make sure that the mechanical condition of your motor vehicle is up to the mark, that the tyres and brakes are reliable, and also check that the reserve of oil and fuel is sufficient, to cater for the whole trip.

For a clear view, you should wipe the windscreen regularly. In rainy / snowy weather, extra precaution is needed. Better drive slowly. In case you suffer from poor eyesight, avoid driving at night.

Never drink and drive! Find a designated driver from your group of friends, and also agree on suitable ways, to ensure that he / she doesn’t consume alcohol during your fun night out.

Avoid taking the wheel if you’re unwell. See a Doctor / Medical Practitioner, if in doubt about your health, and do not take risks, if driving isn’t recommended.

Leave home on time, don’t rush! This may provoke impolite behaviour towards other road users. Being impatient, acting under stress may eventually cause an accident.

Always wear your safety belt, give proper and timely turning signals, overtake only when authorized, and follow all other rules that apply (this may differ a little, depending on the highway code of the country you’re driving in).

It’s primordial to avoid undue distractions, such as texting on your smart phone. Using ear phones and listening to loud music impairs your ability to concentrate, whether you’re at the wheel or even a pedestrian, crossing the road!

Relax, let in plenty of fresh air, specially on a long drive. Get down to stretch your legs for a few minutes, when possible. Take a few sips of water. Relax!

Do stay tuned for the third post. Would you like to share your ideas? Please do so. Thank you!

8 thoughts on “Road safety is everyone’s business! (2)

  1. All of these may seem like common sense tips, but it’s amazing how many accidents there are because people don’t follow these simple rules. Thanks for the remainder.

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