Hey, dear Readers! I’m back with the third and final post of the series on ‘road safety’. In ‘Road safety is everyone’s business! (1)‘, I told you how a simple and pleasant experience, inspired me to blog about this topic. In my second post ‘Road safety is everyone’s business! (2)‘, I reminded you of some fundamental road safety measures to take. In this post, I’ll share some more ideas.

Being part of road users, pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists are as much accountable for adhering to road safety rules and regulations, as the others. The World Health Organization reported that ‘nearly half of those dying on the world’s roads are “vulnerable road users”: pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists’.

As per any highway code that applies to the country you are in, important measures for two wheelers are likely to include (but not limited to) using safety helmet, visible reflector accessories, giving appropriate signals before turning, and more. We should always ensure that we’re updated about safety rules and regulations, and apply them without fail.

Pedestrians have to play their part as well, for the smooth-running of road traffic. As already mentioned in ‘Road safety is everyone’s business! (2)‘, while crossing the road, wearing earphones is dangerous, since it distracts you, and impairs your ability to hear any warning sounds. The Green Cross Code (see an article on Wikipedia) is commonly used for pedestrians.

Other factors that affect road safety, could include improper road infrastructure, weather conditions, and at the individual level (as already mentioned in ‘Road safety is everyone’s business! (2)‘), drinking alcohol, poor health / eyesight, lack of driving experience, and more. We should never drink and drive. In case of any medical issue, do see your Doctor / Medical Practitioner.

I conclude this series on road safety, stressing on the need for each and every one of us, to act responsibly. Remain vigilant and collaborate with other road users, for everyone’s safety.

Would you like to share your ideas? Please do so. Thank you!

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