Are you someone who craves information, reading many books, e-books, magazines, blog articles, social media posts, and so on? If you’re not reading enough or at all, then doing so will help you in many ways…

I’ve been reading even more, since I started my blog in January this year. I normally read more online resources than paper books (compared to my childhood days). However, I’m going back to reading books, alongside e-books, blog posts, and other online resources. Whatever be the form, I gain so much from reading!

1. Joy

Reading is likely to bring pure joy to the reader. Find something you’re interested in, get on a cozy couch, grab some coffee / tea / a smoothie, with your favourite snacks, and you’re off for a simple yet treasurable moment! In the process, you’ll gain so much too…

2. Information

Reading informative texts, coupled with illustrative videos, photos, graphics, and more, are likely to bring wisdom to your life. This in turn could help you take more informed decisions, which will be more beneficial in all spheres of your life.

3. Fantasy

Are you in the mood for entertainment? Get yourself a spicy fiction book, and dive into the adventurous world of comedy, romance, horror or any other genre that totally grabs your attention! Live another life for a few hours. You’ll agree with me, that television doesn’t have the same imaginary effect!

4. Stress

To control stress levels, reading can be used as a handy therapy. Read about things that take your mind off your worries. Go for books on stress and time management, how to meditate, how to build your self-confidence,… preparing a specific action plan for yourself and apply it consistently.

5. Health

The National Health Service of the U.K. (NHS) states that ‘There’s some evidence to suggest that rates of dementia are lower in people who remain mentally and socially active throughout their lives.

It may be possible to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia by:

  • reading
  • learning foreign languages
  • playing musical instruments
  • volunteering in your local community
  • taking part in group sports, such as bowling
  • trying new activities or hobbies
  • maintaining an active social life

Interventions such as “brain training” computer games have been shown to improve cognition over a short period, but research has not yet demonstrated whether this can help prevent dementia.’ – as on the official NHS website.

6. Writing skills

Vocabulary expansion could be an intended or a real by-product of your reading experience. Learning from the content that we read, and also from the best styles of writing, are both very helpful. However, your writing should always reflect your true self, your natural style, while catering to your target audience for genuine and long-term retention.

7. Discipline

Being committed to reading, with specific time slots on your agenda, is conducive to self-discipline as a daily habit.

8. Blogging

As a blogger, I find reading essential, as this provides more ideas, a wider range of points of view, proven facts through published research, and more. While I blog, feedback from my Readers is always welcomed!

Are you a book lover? Please share your ideas. Thank you!

Note: In case of need, please consult a medical specialist for professional advice.

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17 thoughts on “8 reasons to read daily

  1. I love reading. For me the best is still to sit with a book in my hands. It creates an intimate connection that is not possible with technology. I have been known to have 3 or 4 books on the go at the same time.

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  2. I love reading too and the benefits you listed out are so true. For me, reading opens up lot more possibilities in life which I am happy to explore and understand, as time permits.

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