Do you ever engage in unnecessary activities that cost you your precious time? Are you concerned enough to identify these? Let’s see some time-wasters that might need your attention…

As I share tips to make your daily life easier on my blog, I’ve put together a list of 30 things that I find are (serious) time-wasters (only some may apply to you if not all):

Life in general

1. Having no goals in life makes you live without a purpose.

2. Not living intentionally results in not achieving the important things you need to.

3. Waiting for perfection will have you waiting forever and not starting anything.

4. Waiting for inspiration, you’ll be left behind, while others move forward.

5. Being too concerned about the opinion of others will hinder you from daring and progressing with things that matter the most to you, in your life.

6. Being a people pleaser and never saying ‘no’ will bring you regrets when you commit yourself to things that you actually don’t truly believe in (and can’t live by).

7. Not setting boundaries will leave you with an overload of commitments that you can’t handle and achieve.

30 time wasters you should avoid for the better, Tips from Sharvi.
Photo courtesy Canva. 30 time-wasters you should avoid for the better, Tips from Sharvi.

8. By not asking for help, you’ll lose out on advice and support that could bring you so many benefits and success.

9. Worrying over everything doesn’t solve your problems. It brings you undue stress and is detrimental to your health.

10. Complaining unnecessarily doesn’t benefit you but makes matters worse.

11. Comparing yourself to others is fruitless and only fuels envy and jealousy.

12. Fear of failure is the reason why some people never achieve anything since they never even get started at all!

13. While you should take calculated risks to succeed, failing is part of the journey. However, repeating the same mistakes means that you don’t learn from them.

14. Not completing tasks that you started, will bring you back to working on them again (and perhaps again and again…).

15. Not setting priorities makes you run in every direction and not getting the most urgent and important things done on time.

16. Not having a morning routine results in lack of focus and you start the day in a disorganized way.

17. Hitting the alarm snooze button instead of waking up isn’t productive. Make sure you sleep properly and wake up fresh. Make your mornings interesting.

18. Living in a cluttered space is a mess, and you waste time looking for things.

Workplace / professional life

19. No proper planning means that you’re not even sure what needs to be done and by when.

20. Not prioritizing what needs to be done means you may put petty tasks before urgent and important ones.

21. Being disorganised in terms of office space or even in your mind will make you lose focus.

22. Checking emails too often is counterproductive and distracts from real work.

23. Checking social media unnecessarily may lead to screen addiction.

24. Not delegating to subordinates will have you doing small, unimportant tasks, instead of concentrating on your real role and responsibilities.

25. Not automating work that you can, would be a shame.

26. Procrastinating at work means that you don’t want to get started and therefore won’t achieve what you have to.

27. Multitasking has been seen to decrease productivity levels.

28. Attending unnecessary meetings won’t bring results.

29. Not using applications correctly or using the wrong ones lead to a waste of your time.

30 time wasters you should avoid for the better, Tips from Sharvi.
Image courtesy Canva. 30 time-wasters you should avoid for the better, Tips from Sharvi.

30. Find more time-wasters of your own and work on eliminating them from your life. You’ll be able to fully concentrate on the right type of activities and see better results for yourself!


To sum up, avoiding these time-wasters (and more of your own), will help you to better manage your time and productivity in various spheres of life. Do you have any tips/ideas to share? Please do so. Thank you!!

Photo/Image courtesy: Canva

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