Honestly, is your phone your best friend? How long can you stay away from it? While devices are indeed essential, screen addiction on the other hand often brings multiple issues such as mental health, deteriorating relationships and more. Read my blog post for tips to improve your screen time habits.

I’ll start with 2 tips that I’m using and currently find are the most beneficial. Things may be different for you, so do check all of them below… a total of 12 ways to fight screen addiction.

What’s currently working for me the most…

1. Turn off notifications

I’m sure that you always hear about this measure. However, as simple as it looks, it’s currently my best one! I’ve recently updated my mobile phone and laptop settings by further minimizing distractions that could waste my time.

I keep notifications from real people and especially important ones. In case of urgency, I’m sure to check on time. As a blogger with a global audience, I do make sure that I approve blog comments, check emails and social media interactions on time.

2. No screen time

This second practice has indeed helped immensely. Once more, nothing fancy about it, but I make sure that I disconnect my wifi connection at least 1 hour before bedtime. This helps me enjoy proper sleep. I also resume the connection to check for blog activities the next morning, after having given enough time to my self-care and daily meditation ritual.

More screen time control tips

3. Checking emails

Check email at specific times of the day, depending on your profession/occupation. Using the focus/priority inbox folder is very helpful. You tackle urgent and important matters promptly. This boosts productivity.

How to control screen time for the better... #screenaddiction #fightingscreenaddiction
Courtesy of Canva. How to control screen time for the better, Tips from Sharvi.

4. Use apps

Many apps help you set your desired goals, monitor and control daily habits for the better. I’m not suggesting any of them in this blog post. However, there are many to choose from on the internet.

5. Uninstall apps

From time to time, review the relevance of your apps. Uninstall those that you don’t use or cause unnecessary distractions. Having more apps on your screen may tempt you to open them needlessly.

6. Prefer traditional paper

Do you read books? Why not go for paper books from time to time? Have you thought about jotting down your ideas on paper in the form of physical notebooks and journals?

7. Outdoor activities

Spending time in natural surroundings with no or limited internet connection is a good break sometimes. It provides an environment conducive to healthy activities such as hiking, camping, sports game and more.

Some holistic measures

8. Set boundaries

This overlaps with most of the other points. However, I’d like to stress the need for it. If you work, then you have to control screen habits, while also remaining connected for communication at the workplace. If you’re an entrepreneur or work from home, then again, you need to set boundaries by keeping up with the exigencies of work and yet make judicial use of screen time. Family or close friends may occasionally have urgent matters during your working hours, and we all love to be there and show concern and support if possible.

9. Meet friends

Nothing beats face-to-face physical meetings with great friends! While social media is a convenient and affordable way to keep up with family/friends around the world, having get-togethers from time to time brings the best of relationships.

10. Family time

Devices can’t replace real people, no matter how handy they are! The human touch, genuine care, and undivided attention are often felt face-to-face. Having family dinner and no screen time helps to enjoy conversations and keep up with what each other’s doing.

How to control screen time for the better... #screenaddiction #breakingscreenaddiction
Courtesy of Canva. How to control screen time for the better, Tips from Sharvi.

11. Live in the moment

Mindfulness meditation has taught me much about living in the present moment. Take a few minutes daily, to disconnect with the world and be grateful for what you have. This is pure joy!

12. Reward yourself!

As you gradually progress towards your set goals, celebrate all the small wins! Each little milestone takes you closer to your desired screen habit goals. It’s also important to keep up what you achieve, by embracing the changes and building natural habits.


To sum up, devices are very helpful and convenient. However, to avoid screen addiction, you can and should adopt healthy screen habits. Do you any tips to share? Please do so. Thank you!!

Photo/Image courtesy: Canva


33 thoughts on “How to control screen time for the better

  1. Thank you for sharing those helpful tips! One of my tips is, when I work / study, I try to keep it as no screen time, but once I complete the task (tasks), I allow myself to have some screen time. This way I don’t get to check my phone every five minutes.

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  2. I don’t really look at my phone a whole lot. It says I spend 3 hours a day but most of the time it is reading on the Kindle app (I can’t get many new English books in Japan, so I have to buy them on Kindle). I also read the news (in English and Japanese) on my phone. I do spend time on social media but I get bored on one platform after a couple of minutes.

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  3. I have done the same thing with turning off notifications. I will also put my phone on “do not disturb” if I need to focus. It still allows calls from the numbers I have marked on my list to go through (basically those who would call in an emergency) but it silences everything else. For my kids, we have parental controls that only allow a certain amount of time before they have to have our password to keep playing.

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