Life goals are at the centre of what you achieve.  If you don’t know what you want, you can’t plan for success.  Read my blog post for tips on setting relevant and fulfilling life goals for yourself.

Here are 8 tips with links to some of my blog posts:

1) Have a plan 

Plan for the future following what you want and realistically can achieve.  

Find out more at: How to plan for and live your dreams

“It is a paradoxical but profoundly true and important principle of life that the most likely way to reach a goal is to be aiming not at that goal itself but at some more ambitious goal beyond it.” – Arnold J. Toynbee

2) Have quality life goals

If you don’t find yourself achieving what you want, review your set goals.

Read my blog post: How to ensure better life goals

3) Set goals that are sincere

Visit: How to make the most of your life

“My goals have changed throughout my life. At one time it was winning awards, selling out concert dates, selling more albums than anyone else. Now, my goals are to see my grandchildren grown, live a long and healthy life with my family and friends and travel the world.” – Reba McEntire

4)  Choose intentional living

Live the life that you truly want and intend to live.

Click on: How to plan your day for intentional living!

5) Set the right life goals

Set your new year’s resolutions and life goals in general, correctly for best results.

Find out more at: Set the right goals for next year

“New Year’s Eve is a great time to think about making a resolution to change a behavior, improve upon a practice, or to start something new. Most people don’t keep their resolutions very far into the year, but there’s no reason to wait until Dec 31st to reboot.” – Dana Perino

6) Have comprehensive life goals

Your life goals should be cohesive… What you want in your family, social life, career, and other aspects of life should support each other.

Visit: 6 tips for setting personal goals

7)  Know and live your life purpose

Live according to your true dreams and desires.  Embrace ikigai, a Japanese concept.

Read to find out more: 6 ways ikigai can bless and enhance your life

“Discovering your purpose doesn’t have to be complicated. Look at what you do and why you do it. Is it to support your family? That’s your purpose. Is it to make a difference in your customer’s life? That’s your purpose.” – Anne F. Beiler

8) Have a blessed life

Make the right decisions and feel great…

Head over to 26 life tips that will bless you!

In this blog post, I’ve highlighted some key points about life goals and directed you to some of my older blog posts. 


Set your life goals with care, as they are key to your success and happiness.  Do you have any tips to share?  Please do so by posting a comment below.  Thank you!!

8 tips on life goals for your fulfillment
Courtesy of Canva. 8 tips on life goals for your fulfillment, Tips from Sharvi.
8 tips on life goals for your fulfillment
Courtesy of Canva. 8 tips on life goals for your fulfillment, Tips from Sharvi.

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33 thoughts on “8 tips on life goals for your fulfillment

  1. We receive so much information from all sources so much so that setting goals is imperative for good mental health and good life balance. Setting goals enables us to have a clearer vision for our lives and to create a better plan to meet the goals.

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  2. I loved the choose intentional living tip! Man it has taken me so much time to understand this due to me not wanting to disappoint anyone! I have finally gotten to the point where I’m comfortable making decisions that make me happy, regardless of what others think.

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  3. I’ll even add another tip and that is to live simply, which can be difficult in the age of the internet, but an important one to filter out all the noise!

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