Protecting the environment is a key issue and even an urgent one!  We all know about the dangers to the planet and have seen too much already.  The rising of the oceans, tsunamis, and much more.  Read my blog post for ideas on how you and your family can help save our planet by adopting some great, yet simple daily habits.

I’m a self-improvement blogger and support protecting our environment, as it’s primordial to survival.  So, I’ll dedicate this post to Mother Earth!

See a list of my top 12 sacred habits that contribute to saving the environment:

1. Switch off lights

Small gestures like switching off the light when you exit a room can make a great difference.  When everyone does so, it has a significant impact.  

2. Use energy-saving light bulbs

Newer technology, such as light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs are known to better save electricity, compared to other bulbs that exist from before.  This also means that you’ll save money on your electricity bills.

3. Optimize natural sunlight

Use free light from the window.  There are many hours during the day when working closer to the window will give sufficient light.  Don’t use electricity unnecessarily.

12 ways households can help the environment
Courtesy of Canva. 12 ways households can help the environment, Tips from Sharvi.

4. Lower the thermostat 

In winter, lower the thermostat, so that the heater is a few degrees lower. Then, use more blankets to enjoy the comfort and warmth. 

5. Use complete insulation 

Make sure that your house is fully insulated, as it keeps the interior warmer.  This is also important for fighting against the cold, preventing flu, and more reasons.  Once more, you’ll save electricity.

6. Use ventilation 

In summer, to minimize the use of air conditioners, maximize the benefits of natural air ventilation by opening the windows.  Allow air to circulate whenever possible.  Wear cool, comfy cotton clothes.

7. Household appliances 

Use your laundry washing machine, dishwasher, and other household appliances carefully.  Optimize the number of clothes you wash, and fully load your dishwasher before operating it.  You may choose to run these appliances every two or three days, instead of daily, if they don’t fill up quickly enough.

8. Unplug devices 

Turn off and unplug your TV, radio, computer, microwave, etc. when not in use.  Don’t keep them switched on unnecessarily.  Only use the standby mode when you’re sure you’ll get back soon and use the appliance again.

9. Control water usage

Avoid wastage by closing the tap when not in use.  Prefer taking showers instead of baths.  Make sure that all your family members are carefully practicing these precautions.

10. Plant your vegetables

Make the use of available space for a home garden.  Grow organically for tastier, healthier foods at your doorstep.  Enjoy gardening as a hobby and relax, spending time in nature.  Minimize the use of harmful pesticides.

12 ways households can help the environment
Courtesy of Canva. 12 ways households can help the environment, Tips from Sharvi.

11. Use recycled items

Make the most of recycled materials. When you want to gift someone something, be it a handbag, kitchen utensil, t-shirt, or any other item, prefer recycled materials when possible.

12. Park the car

At normal times, keep the car in your garage and prefer going on foot (unless leaving home isn’t possible during social distancing (as at the time of writing this blog post, the COVID-19 lockdown).  Take a walk to the store for grocery shopping.  Use motor vehicles only when truly needed.  Enjoy the beauty around you, when walking or even cycling.

Taking the right daily habits to support the environment benefits everyone.  We can all contribute to saving the planet through simple daily gestures.  


The earth is undergoing too much destruction.  We should all make more efforts to save the environment.  Having daily habits that are conducive to protecting the planet is a must for all of us.  Would you like to share about the crucial actions you take?  Please do so.  If you know someone who needs to read my blog post, please share it.  Thank you!!

Photo/Image courtesy: Canva


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