This gift guide has a rare combination of suggestions, for everyone, and the special people in your life.  Read to find out more…

Disclaimer: I wish to remind you that in case of social distancing needs for the lockdown (at the time of writing this blog post), do avoid large gatherings, as per the law in the country that you’re in.

On my self-improvement blog, I share ‘tips to make your daily life easier!’ (my tagline), and through this guide, you can find special ideas.  This is an evergreen post.  So, the gift ideas will remain as helpful as it is now, at any time of the year. 

My gift to you

I’ll start with my freebie to all my readers.  While I often blog about productivity, I see that it’s a popular topic and would like to offer the ultimate daily productivity checklist for FREE!

Download your copy

Download the productivity checklist
Download the productivity checklist

Shop online

In this section of my blog post, I’ll suggest some gifts that you can shop for, online.

For the aspiring bloggers

Blogging is a great hobby that often turns into a side-hustle, and may even become a full-time income if taken seriously.  It’s a great way to express yourself, make friends (although virtually), and share your experience with your readers.  Do you know anyone apt at becoming a blogger?

If you know someone who is currently planning to start a blog quickly and easily, then the blogging platform that I use is a great option.  Send him/her my referral link below to get USD 25 off their first-year subscription.  It won’t cost you anything, all you have to do is to share my blog post, telling them to use the link for a special discount.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate and referral links. This means that if you click on a link and make a purchase, then I’ll receive a commission (at no additional cost to you).  For referral links, we may both receive credits.

Start a blog with USD 25 off!

For smart home enthusiasts

Smart home technology is helpful, saves time, and works in a variety of ways.  You can gift home security and smart home devices from top brands to those you care about.  This technology makes it easy to organize your house, often helps to save electricity, money, and time.

Shop for Smart home automation

The ultimate special gift guide for you
Courtesy of Canva. The ultimate special gift guide for you – Tips from Sharvi.


A flower from your garden…

A gift should always come from the heart!  You may even present a simple, yet lovely rose from your garden.  Whatever you choose, a sincere gift is genuine and priceless!


To sum up, these are a few gift ideas that I wanted to share with my blog readers.  Take care of yourself and close ones. Cheers and take care!!

Editor’s Note: This blog article has been updated for better accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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