Waking up early and having a great morning routine are both often said to be 2 key habits of successful people.  However, many people may lack the desire to wake up and instead hit the snooze button for some more comfort under the quilt.  If this resonates with you (at least from time to time), then read my blog post to find ideas on how to wake up earlier in the morning (joyfully).

Disclaimer: My blog is to be used for general information, inspirational, and motivational purposes. I share things that I’ve learnt and experienced.  In case of need, do seek help from a professional in the relevant field.

I’m a self-improvement blogger, and while I have already written some articles on having a morning routine and morning habits, I’ll focus on helpful ways to wake up earlier in this one.  I’ll also share examples that I have found useful.  I’m not a perfect morning person, but make efforts to starting my day earlier.

Here are 15 ideas or hacks that I found helpful and that have brought results to waking up earlier:

Plan for it

1. Visualization

After making a firm decision to rise at a desired time, visualize yourself doing so.  This helps to get things done.  This is why vision boards are so powerful in motivation and success.

2. Affirmations

Repeating affirmations is a way to strengthen up a goal and getting into action to achieve it.  I tell myself that I should do so, to benefit from several things that I desire most.  Think about how doing so will bring out the best in you and use those points to craft your best affirmations.

The night before

3. Sleep early

To rise and shine at the time you aim for, sleeping earlier could be helpful.  I do find that it helps especially when I also need to avoid work burnout at the same time.  Otherwise, waking up drastically earlier than you’re used to could be counterproductive.

4. Enough sleep

To feel fresh, alert (and maybe even in a good mood) the next day, ensure proper sleep.  Most people need around 8 hours of slumber, depending on their age and other factors.  I prefer having no less than that to feel my best the next day and crush my goals.

5. Keep your alarm away

Placing your alarm device such as your phone away at a distance ensures that you have to get out of bed to turn it off.  Too often, having it right beside you could instead lead to snooze.  I keep it away from my bed, but many people go further and prefer to keep it out of their bedrooms before bedtime.

How to wake up earlier in the morning joyfully
Image from canva.com. How to wake up earlier in the morning joyfully – Tips from Sharvi.

6. New alarm ringtone

This is a hack that helped me a lot of times!  I noticed that when I get used to an alarm ringtone, I risk not hearing it and don’t awake.  So, I change the tune often, as and when needed, and from time to time.  I see the benefit, as I then realize it’s ringing when it does.

In the morning

7. Open the curtains

Take some time if you need it, without procrastinating.  After a few minutes get out of bed. I do need a few seconds or minutes to feel I’m ready.  Then, open the curtains to let in daylight… Welcome the rays of the sun.

8. Make your bed

Making your bed helps to truly ‘wake up’.  I came across an interesting book that shows how important it is.  I feel that when my bed is neat, I’m in the mindset to start my day fresh and alert.

9. Drink water

I always drink warm water on an empty stomach.  After so many hours of hibernation, I feel dehydrated.  Warm to hot water helps to detox and gives a boost of energy.  Have plenty of water during the day as well.

10. Exercise

Fitness exercise such as cardio before breakfast has so many benefits.  I also enjoy meditation and yoga.  When I exercise in the afternoon or evening, I do see the difference.  Early mornings are more interesting as I feel a boost of vitality at the start of the day.

11. Happiness hormones

Cardio is known to stimulate happiness hormones and so is sunlight.  One way to looking forward to becoming an early bird and motivating yourself is to set affirmations to work out.  Think about the benefits and especially the result (how you want to feel).

12. Exciting breakfast

Plan for a special breakfast.  Healthy, nutritious with your favourite foods.  Arrange all items that you need (such as utensils) the night before so that getting breakfast ready is convenient and easy.  

13. Reading goals

Setting reading goals could act as a motivator to wake up an hour earlier to read an important or enjoyable book.  This should be something of importance that you look forward to.  Perhaps your reading goals could be linked to your career or professional goals so that the reason for doing so is of double importance.

14. Avoid devices before breakfast

Try to avoid looking at devices before breakfast if possible.  This gives you more time to relax and enjoy your mornings.  I only check my phone after I wake up if I have some valid reason.

15. Helpful habits

Here are some helpful habits to embrace…

  • Plan to wear interesting clothes to motivate waking up earlier.
  • Use habit apps to set goals, track, and improve results.
  • Get an accountability partner to make sure that you’re awake daily at the time you aim for.
  • Make gradual changes for better long-term results.  
  • Celebrate small milestones all the time.
  • Pamper yourself by sleeping in from time to time for self-care.
  • Seek professional help if needed.

These were tips and ideas that I find helpful.  Feel free to use them as a source of inspiration.


To sum up, I’ve listed some helpful ways to wake up earlier.  Please comment with your tips and if you’ve enjoyed my article, do share it for others to see.  Thank you!!

How to wake up earlier in the morning joyfully
Image from canva.com. How to wake up earlier in the morning joyfully – Tips from Sharvi.


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