Do you have any dietary restrictions?  Do you also make the most of vegetables by consuming enough of them daily?  Read my article to see how vegetables support your dietary restriction journey.  Even with no such control, veggies have so many benefits for everyone!

Disclaimer: My blog is to be used for general information, inspirational, and motivational purposes. I share things that I’ve learned and experienced.  In case of need, do seek help from a professional in the relevant field (such as a nutritionist for specific guidance or advice).

This is a rare topic on my blog, as I focus on self-improvement.  However, it’s of growing importance, and as I also share about self-care from time to time, I’d love to dedicate this post to it.

My article is mainly about the practical side of things.  Having certain requirements myself, I’ll give some examples of how I live by them.  There are also links to Wikipedia articles for more information at the end of my post, in the resources section, in case you’d like to see them. 

Reasons for dietary restrictions

There could be many reasons for choosing to follow such a lifestyle.  Some people go for it out of choice, while for others, it may be required.  I chose some of them out of willingness, while others were needed.  

Here are 4 common reasons to accept it:

  1. Wellness. People may decide to adopt a healthier lifestyle and also embrace a new way of eating.  
  2. Allergies.  Some allergies require avoiding certain edibles.
  3. Environmental.  Living on vegetables and fruits may be a way to help support the environment and be cruelty-free. 
  4. Belief-based.  Without going into the details of different cultures, fasting often requires a vegetable diet, at least for a certain number of days.  There are also certifications, such as kosher and halal.  
A pair of hands holding a few vegetables. Text - Dietary restrictions: how to enjoy and relish veggies., courtesy of Canva.
Image from Dietary restrictions: how to enjoy and relish veggies – Tips from Sharvi.

Blog Quote 

‘You don’t have to be a professional gourmet to admire and enjoy a great snack.  However, overeating is a common issue.  Fortunately, consuming healthy yet tasty cooking in moderation is possible.  Read my article to find ideas for natural comestibles that make yummy nutritious eating.’

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Vegans are strict, as they not only abstain from having edibles such as fish and meat, but also dairy, eggs, and any other animal-derived substances.


These people eat veggies, no meat, but generally can take milk, eggs, and products such as honey.  


The term refers to those who do also consume milk in addition to veggies, but no eggs.  I had once chosen it for about 6 years of my life and enjoyed it.  I then moved on to try something else.


This is a type of semi-vegetarian who includes fish and seafood in their menus, but not meat.  This is the cuisine I currently relish.  I feel that it helps me stay fit and I’ve been following it for over a year already (at the time of writing this article). 

Jacaranda trees and blue sky. Text: Enjoy natural foods, healthy snacking, and have fun! Background photo from my garden, TipsFromSharvi.
Jacaranda trees and blue sky. Enjoy natural foods, healthy snacking, and have fun! – TipsFromSharvi.

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Have you ever considered growing your own vegetables near your house? Have you thought of the benefits it could bring to you and your family?  You don’t need a large plot of land to do that, nor much time to dedicate… and it’s fun!’

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Some common allergens:


Gluten-free foodstuff helps those who cannot tolerate it.  I can only have this type of oats for breakfast and avoid brown bread by going for refined flour alternatives.  


Lactose-intolerant people prefer replacements, such as soya, coconut, almond, or hazelnut-based milk, and yoghurts.


By avoiding all foods that contain nuts, those allergic can prefer substitutes such as pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and dry fruits.

I found out that I suffer from sinus, which was some years ago (at the time of writing), and avoid eating ice cream too often, drinking cold drinks with ice cubes, and eating straight from the fridge.  I prefer drinking warm water all year round, as it helps to soothe my throat.

Handy tips

When travelling (outside of the lockdown period), those concerned need to ensure that they’ll have access to restaurants that cater to their needs.  A proactive online search for such places is helpful before moving.  Groceries that are, for example, vegan and/or gluten-free tend to be more expensive, as they serve a niche market.  

I often find myself disappointed when my choice of oats are out of stock at the hypermarket, as there aren’t many options to replace what I need.  I also try to get organic produce as much as possible.  However, they tend to be more expensive and scarce as well on the market.  When it comes to cooking methods, baking and air-frying are good alternatives to deep-frying.

The topic is not a typical one on my self-improvement blog (as already mentioned at the start), however, it does relate to self-care, which I also write about.  Even if you don’t normally have to take such controls, highlighting the advantages of including enough veggies, fruits, and other natural foods in your daily nutrition is crucial.

A bowl of vegetable salad. Text - Dietary restrictions: how to enjoy and relish veggies., courtesy of Canva.
Image from Dietary restrictions: how to enjoy and relish veggies – Tips from Sharvi.


To sum up, various dietary restrictions require and highlight the importance of devouring veggies, while eliminating other types of foods.  There could be various reasons to espouse such a lifestyle.  However, everyone does benefit from eating enough vegetables daily, whatever be their menu type.  If you find my post helpful, please comment and share it for more people to see.  Thank you!!

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