You don’t have to be a professional gourmet to admire and enjoy a great snack.  However, overeating is a common issue.  Fortunately, consuming healthy yet tasty cooking in moderation is possible.  Read my article to find ideas for natural comestibles that make yummy nutritious eating.

Disclaimer: My blog is to be used for general information, inspirational, and motivational purposes. I share things that I’ve learnt and experienced.  In case of need, do seek help from a professional in the relevant field. 

Do consume anything in moderation and see a dietician if needed.

While my blog focuses on self-improvement, self-care is a topic that I do write about for my readers, at least from time to time.  This article refers to natural eatables, those that haven’t been processed or very little.  I’ll share some handy ways to enjoy snacking while staying in good shape.  I’m a fan of those myself!

Here are my top 8 idea suggestions:

1. Cookies

Oats are high in fibre.  Although not very tasty on its own, you can add flavours and garnish as you prefer and to your taste.  I enjoy them for breakfast, and as a bite, cakes are a great idea.  At tea time, oats cookies can be an interesting way to enjoy a light refreshment.  

8 natural foods that make yummy nutritious snacks
Image from 8 natural foods that make yummy nutritious snacks – Tips from Sharvi.

2. Quick bite

There are different types of nuts, for example, cashew, almond, pistachio, just to name a few.  These make interesting treats in different ways.  For example, I like cashew nuts and almonds with my oats for breakfast.  For a quick bite, they can be served as well, slightly roasted and salted.

3. Natural sweetener

Pure honey is handy to sweeten your beverages nutritionally.  Have some tea and if you’re tempted to add sugar, prefer honey instead.  I’m used to having my coffee without sugar, but I do add pure mountain honey to my oranges from time to time.

4. Salads

A healthy nutritional alternative to fast food is to go for salads.  Veggies and fruits have lots of vitamins and minerals.  Creating salads with a combination of different ingredients and dressings can be fun.  

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5. Boiled eggs 

Boiled eggs are easy to cook, as long as you know how hard or soft you want them to be and plan your cooking time accordingly.  I tend to prefer mine at 10 minutes of hard-boiling.  It’s easy, not messy, and without using any oil.  An egg salad is often part of a lunch or dinner.  However, I’ve tried it as a quick bite and found it interesting and healthy.

6. Smoothies

A dream treat of fresh fruit purees blended with a special liquid such as coconut, almond, or skimmed milk.  My favourite is coconut milk, however, it tends to be the most expensive as well.  I also add it to curries for gravy.  Coming back to smoothies, make the most of them for a detox effect as well. 

7. Air fried

An air or health fryer is a great alternative to deep-frying eatables in oil.  What I love is that it’s convenient to clean and store away after use.  Snacks such as fish and meat without any gravy are easily cooked.  Ready-made fish fingers and other pre-cooked goodies also taste great. 

8. Baked or boiled veggies

Similar to the air fryer, baking allows you to better control the amount of grease such as edible oil used.  Organic vegetables are nutritious and taste great.  However, they tend to be more expensive and may be harder to find as well.  Examples of such snacks are baked potato wedges and boiled corn cobs.

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Image from canva.com8 natural foods that make yummy nutritious snacks – Tips from Sharvi.

I’ve given some ideas for inspiration.  Everyone’s tastes and preferences are different.  However, my list serves as a starting point to think about more options of your own.


To sum up, a quick, easy to make and healthy bite is something rather desirable.  Would you like to comment on your favourite refreshments and cooking methods?  If you find my article valuable, please share it for more people to see.  Thank you!!

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27 thoughts on “8 natural foods that make yummy nutritious snacks

  1. I started eating healthy recently and I’m feeling incredibly amazing, my favorite snacks are smoothies because I can get all of my daily vitamins & nutrients in one easy-to-make drink that tastes so good.
    Thank you for the amazing article.

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