Have you pondered about and identified hidden costs in life?  There could be some that you might not have realized.  While the topic of value is often associated with money, you can also let go of other scarce and precious resources in life, which are non-financial.  

On my self-improvement blog, I share what I’ve learnt and experienced.  In this article, I’ll highlight some key things that could be better avoided, and others that may be controlled in moderation.  If you’re keen on finding out more, then read on.

To avoid 

There are some things you might want to avoid absolutely, depending on how you prioritize.  These aren’t mistakes by themselves.  However, when aware, you’re likely to stay away from them.

1. Having no direction

Having no life purpose or rather not having thought of your life purpose correctly, could have you spending precious time, money, and effort, working on projects that don’t truly matter in the longer term.  Young people sometimes might not be sure what they want out of life, but eventually, find out a little later on.

I spent years in corporate jobs that didn’t mean much to me until I moved on to start my own business (over 8 years at the time of writing) and also started my blog, Tips from Sharvi.  Spending time on the wrong professional activities was a mistake.  However, I learned much from the experiences.  

2. Procrastinating

Putting off what you need to do now for later, and then maybe later and again later.  It can be a great loss in many ways.  Not recognizing your true priorities could be regretful.

Think of some tasks that you’ve been postponing recently.  Are they essential?  What will be the consequences of delaying them?  Make an action plan to achieve these goals.

3. No proper planning

Spending time on unnecessary tasks could be unfruitful.  Days never come back and optimizing every minute and hour is so helpful.  Identify, eliminate time-wasters and focus on the important matters instead.

You should make the most of the 24 hours in a day, every day.  Have clear goals and a powerful action plan.  Achieving success (in whichever way you define it for yourself) involves focusing on the vital things.

Mountains and some clouds in the sky. Text: 12 hidden costs in life to avoid wisely and cheerfully, tipsfromsharvi.com, courtesy of Canva.
Image from canva.com. 12 hidden costs in life to avoid wisely and cheerfully – Tips from Sharvi.

4. Sleepless nights

Stress can be an enemy of performance.  Not sleeping properly affects health and also eventually productivity levels.  Start by finding the cause and work to find a solution.  Taking advice from a professional is often helpful.

I find that enough sleep is primordial.  Although not a perfect morning person, I make efforts to improve.  Creating a conducive, comfortable bedroom environment and adopting the right habits bring me better results.

5. Making comparisons

Comparing yourself to others could potentially lower self-esteem, fuelling jealousy, and creating hatred.  These emotions often do much harm and no good.  They take away your peace of mind.

Some things tend to be expected in the form of societal norms.  However, in many circumstances, being yourself may be the best choice.  I find that making decisions that are genuine give the best results.

6. No self-care routine

Not taking care of yourself properly can entail many undesired consequences.  When you don’t feel and look your best, performance can suffer.  Do have a proper daily routine to relax and recharge.

Self-love is naturally a must.  When you know that you should keep up with all the exigencies of life, both for family and work, unwinding regularly is vital.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

To control (enjoy in moderation)

Some things are good, but if done in excess can rob you of your wellness and well-being.  They are best when in moderation.  

7. Social media addiction

Being too much on your phone can cost you your focus.  Living in the moment has many benefits.  Give your attention to others close when needed, as it’s a sign of respect and supports better relationships.

8. Too much television

Watching too much TV can lead to a sedentary lifestyle.  With a lack of physical activity, there are health concerns.  Obesity is known to entail various illnesses.  

9. Excessive alcohol intake

While social drinking has its benefits, on the other hand, consuming too much alcohol can be disadvantageous.  Those who have been through it themselves or have seen a close one suffer from addiction know the pain.  It can potentially ruin relationships as well.

10. Drastic sweet tooth

Who doesn’t love chocolate, pastry, and other such delicacies?  It’s a pleasure to enjoy desserts.  However, when taken without limits, there is a risk of putting on weight, and even developing diabetes, among other unwanted things.

A lake and many trees. Text: 12 hidden costs in life to avoid wisely and cheerfully, tipsfromsharvi.com, courtesy of Canva.
Image from canva.com. 12 hidden costs in life to avoid wisely and cheerfully – Tips from Sharvi.

11. Careless smoking

Cigarettes can help to unwind.  However, with no control, it could worsen things.  It’s no myth that lung cancer is often linked to an abuse of tobacco smoking.  Being a personal choice, some people embrace it in their lives, and others don’t.  

12. Exaggerated gambling

During the pre-pandemic period, casinos were full of life.  With the easing out of restrictions in many countries, they may be opening again.  Social distancing is still a must.  

Gambling is entertaining.  It could also become addictive at the expense of losing much money.  Some people take on debt and feel stressed.  Better enjoy (if you want to) and be mindful as well.  

This is my list of what could be stealing away precious resources.  They also include non-monetary ones, such as health, relationships, and time.  

You have the choice to allow, reject, or control the use of them.  Some are better taken in moderation.  Enjoy life, and stay fit as well.


There are indeed hidden costs that you can manage wisely and joyfully.  In case you’d like to share your experience, do leave a comment below.  Share my article if you know someone who needs to read it. Thank you!!

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  1. Points 6 and 7, self-love is a must but I also find self-love being overrated at times, many under name of self-love, seem to have lost the consideration of others. I think there should be a balance and as you mentioned moderation of things.

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