Do you ever feel that you need to boost self-care, preventing burnout?  It’s a natural requirement to stay fresh, full of energy, to be able to achieve your set goals.  Fatigue shouldn’t be a barrier that stops you from shining.

Disclaimer: My blog is to be used for general information, inspirational, and motivational purposes. I share things that I’ve learned and experienced.  In case of need, do seek help from a professional in the relevant field.

On my self-improvement blog, I often write about relaxation.  I moved from the corporate world to my home office (for over 8 years at the time of writing this article).  Having seen the benefits of adopting the right habits to fight tiredness, it feels great to share some key things with my readers.

How do you avoid burnout?

1. Take breaks

Regular breaks from your tasks will help refreshing yourself.  It invigorates and brings back vitality and alertness.  Doing so is likely to boost concentration and motivation.

Even though I work from my home office, I do make it a must to move away from my desk sometimes.  This helps to stretch my arms and legs a bit, after typing, easing out any aches.  I’ve also started using the voice typing option in Google Docs to draft new articles.

2. Stay hydrated

Feel better by drinking enough water daily.  Having a parched throat makes you feel exhausted.  Gain back your zeal by staying hydrated. 

H2O is my favourite drink.  Even right now,  while writing this article,  I have a glass of warm water on my desk, sipping it.  Drink enough of it regularly and see the difference.

‘Drinking water is a normal gesture that you perform daily.  Yet, how important is it?  You may not think about it very much, but it’s a wonderful blessing.  Read my article for more.’

3. Air-ventilation

Proper ventilation ensures that you have enough oxygen.  We all need to breathe to live.  Unless you live in a polluted area, keep the windows open to let in the fresh air.  Use natural or mechanical methods, whichever is preferred.

I practise breathing yoga daily in the morning.  Taking a walk on my veranda in the evening to enjoy the cool breeze is a special treat.  I leave windows open as much as possible.

4. Declutter your desk

Some people feel comfortable when the place is in a mess.  It brings the best out of them.  However, for others, it’s not the case.  Clean space and a well-organized office desk are so welcoming and appealing.

I’m of the second type.  I love looking at simple, contemporary home designs.  Having an orderly place to work on my laptop helps.  My home office is a special place, as I spend much of my time there.  Use things that inspire you for the better, such as a great quote on the wall or your device wallpaper.

5. Soothing colours

Colour psychology helps you to make the most of your favourite colours.  Use them to brighten up your day.  Use cool shades for a calming effect or warmer ones to liven up the place.  

I’m a lover of blue.  You can tell that from glancing at my blog branding.  It also supports my self-improvement niche.  Choose your designs mindfully.

‘Which is your favourite colour? Why do you prefer it? Does it bring back precious childhood memories or any other reason? Colours can help you feel better, they influence your decision-making and much more. Read my blog post to see how you can use them mindfully, for your betterment.’

Reflection of mountains and trees in a calm lake. Text: 10 ways: boost self-care to prevent burnout,, courtesy of Canva.
Image from Article – Tips from Sharvi.

6. Calm music

Ever felt distracted by loud singing?  Turn it off.  Alternatively, play soothing tracks at a low volume.  Try it and see if it helps to focus on what you do.

Loud tunes do bother me when I need to concentrate.  I prefer either no sound or else, relaxing ones.  Listening to Vivaldi on YouTube at a volume of 10 to 12 is rather motivating.

7. Disable notifications

Notifications are helpful when they’re relevant.  Disable unnecessary bells that are time-wasters and unsubscribe from irrelevant emails.  Those can be overwhelming at times.

I love blogging and also spend time on my devices for another business that I run. However, a digital detox often helps, especially during weekends when I do other activities.  I sleep better when I put away my phone at least an hour before bedtime.

‘Emails are a handy way to keep up with important communications.  You’re likely to see the benefits in your personal and professional life.  However, getting too much is often undesirable.  Read my blog post to see how unsubscribing has helped me and why you should consider doing so as well if needed.’

8. Better productivity

Strain is an enemy of productivity.  It steals away your energy.  With vitality, you can stay focused and perform to gain desired results.

Meditation and yoga are 2 key things that support me.  Ideally in the morning, or else later on during the day.  Having a good serenity routine is a must.

9. Prioritize

Establish your true priorities.  Time is scarce and wasting it on trivial tasks would be regretful.  Give your attention to things that you need to do.  If possible, delegate, outsource or find a freelancer for the rest.  

I often review my plan and eliminate duplications, irrelevant to-dos from my calendar.  Sometimes you may indeed have some tasks that have become redundant over time.  Clean them out and feel thrilled looking at a shorter, more relevant set of goals.  

‘Do you ever engage in unnecessary activities that cost you your precious moments? Are you concerned enough to identify these? Let’s see some time-wasters that might need your attention…’

10. Life outside work

Last but not least, do have a life outside your office. Spend quality time with family and be yourself.  The pandemic has changed the way we live, even in the post-lockdown period.  However, there are ways to stay in touch with close ones (and stay safe as well).


Self-care is inevitable.  Make the most of a relaxation routine to prevent or get rid of burnout.  Prioritize your wellness.  If you find value in my blog, please comment and share.  Thank you!!

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