There are benefits of taking incremental steps for progress.  Do you sometimes feel like you can’t achieve your goals?  Even moving slowly supports success.  Read my blog for more.

1. Gradual improvements

Taking baby steps is a sure way to progress.  While it could be ideal to accomplish everything in a jiffy, realistically, it often isn’t possible.  Working gradually towards your goals is often key to accomplishing them.

When I feel unwell, I get weak.  As a result, I might have to change how I go about finishing my tasks.  Starting small and advancing steadily helps.  Doing small chunks of it supports.

If you don’t feel like exercising, for example, then make it easier.  Take out your jogging shoes and place them where they’re accessible.  The next morning, you get into them quicker and start running.

2. Consistency

Being consistent and having a routine are essential.  Adopt the right daily habits.  However, they should also be enjoyable.

Who feels like doing chores forcefully?  On the other hand, finding creative ways to embellish tasks are wonderful.  Do things in a manner and with the style that suits you best.

I often have my favorite tracks playing on YouTube while working on my laptop.  I also love serene and ‘flow state’ music.  To avoid being distracted, I prefer a low volume.

3. Long term results

Incremental progress is helpful to meet your targets and for long-term success as well.  How many times did you start something new, only to neglect it after a while?  Certain things take time to accomplish and you only see results afterwards.

There may be valid reasons to give up on things, though.  If you know that a set goal has become redundant, you need to change it.  Eliminating time-wasters is productive as it allows you to focus on your true priorities.

When I started my blog, I knew it would take months to grow.  My patience came from the intrinsic benefits that I enjoy.  For example, my blog helps me with my self-improvement, in addition to sharing ideas with my readers.  

4. Habit formation

It’s often said that you need 30 days to get into a new habit and 90 days to adopt it.  There are other versions, such as the 21/90 rule.  In this one, you need 21 days to embrace it and 90 days to make it permanent.

Develop good habits and let go of bad ones.  The actions that you take through daily routines count towards what you achieve.  Therefore, it’s crucial to carefully choose the right ones.

I’m not a psychology specialist but started my blog through my personal experiences as well as what I learn about self-help.  I believe in learning new skills for better success.  Online courses are one of the best ways to do so.

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5. Strong routines

Have a great morning ritual.  Wake up early and spend time on self-care, learning, fitness, and anything valuable.

For self-care, I meditate, practise yoga, and do cardio.  I always start the day by drinking hot water.  A healthy, interesting breakfast is so enjoyable!

For self-improvement, I read a little on helpful topics.  Sometimes I complete online courses.  Journaling helps me to keep track of my set goals.  Find what you need to work on and make the most of quiet mornings to achieve them.  

6. Don’t give up

Moving gradually to advance also helps to persevere.  If you’re likely to give up or tend to have short term interests, working little by little could be beneficial.  Have patience, work hard, and work smart for productivity, 

There’s a popular saying that goes… ‘focus on the process, not the outcome’.  It supports the idea that breaking your tasks into smaller chunks, and doing them one at a time, properly, is better.  Move to the next stage and eventually, you’ll complete all.

Persistence is strength.  We can all develop it.  It can be the difference between the ones who win marathons, and those who give up before reaching the finish line.   

7. From inspiration to action

When you have a dream that you want to realize, it’s an inspiration.  Maybe you got the idea from someone you admire and believe in.  This sparks an interest to achieve a dream.

Next is motivation.  When you have to stay on track with your goal, it also means fighting against discouragement.  There will be harder days.  You could feel that you’re losing the desire.

Being disciplined brings me better results.  When I feel down, I prefer self-motivation.  So, after being inspired and motivated, discipline keeps me going.  How about you?

8. No rat race

Life isn’t a rat race.  It’s about everyone living their life purpose.  The speed that you move to advance is your decision.  

Societal norms tend to dictate what is expected of people.  It also tells at what age you should study, start a job, get married, and so on.  In reality, this might not be the case for everyone.

I changed my professional field and started my tertiary studies in my late twenties.  I also joined the corporate world at the same time.  Today, I’m doing what I enjoy most, and that’s working in my home office, on my terms (for over 8 years at the time of writing).

Even with a slower pace, you can go all the way.  As I already mentioned at the start of my article, results often take time.  Instead of giving up, progress steadily, but surely. 


There are various benefits of taking incremental steps for progress.  The one thing not to do is stop.  Through discipline, work smart for better results.  Is there anything you’d like to add in the comments below?  If you know someone who needs such tips, please share my article.  Thanks!! 

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19 thoughts on “8 benefits of taking incremental steps for progress

  1. Two things – absolutely love the quote “ focus on the process, not the outcome” and second love that cover photo of the mountains surrounding that small lake at top of this post. Thanks for taking the time to write and share great insights with others.

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  2. Consistency is the key for me, I just shouldn’t skip anything at all or I fall back. Having a way laid out and celebrating small successes is a big thing for me. I enjoy it a lot and find it highly motivational. Great post and points, I think if you follow it all you can conquer anything!

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  3. Excellent article with great tips. Consistency is important, showing up even if it’s just to do something small, that moves the needle a little. Too often people are caught up with the goal, racing to reach it to their detriment. They can even miss out on the journey they are taking to reach that goal, like making sure you enjoy seeing the progress of a skill rather than just focusing on becoming proficient at it.

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