Do you have a home garden?  Do you also enjoy all the wellness benefits that it can bring?  I love mine very much.  Read my article to see what you could be missing out on.

Here are 12 ways to duly take advantage of it:

1. Dump stress  

It helps to look at a peaceful garden.  With lots of trees and flowers, doesn’t it feel special?  Being in a simple place, yet so lucky to be there!

I find that greenery helps for good mental health.  With so much stress, daily hustle and bustle, a moment of solitude is desirable.  Looking at the blue sky and feeling the gentle, pure breeze flow on my face is terrific.

Mindful – my Instagram post.

2. Appreciate calmness

A quiet garden, away from the crowd is excellent therapy.  No matter how hectic your life may get, take a few moments daily to enjoy the serenity.  Make the most of such moments and feel the difference.

I treasure spending a few minutes in nature.  If you wake up early, you might have a better chance to relish tranquillity before the world wakes up.  There tends to be no cars horning and no exhaust fumes, yet at this time of the day. 

3. Close to nature

Being close to mother nature is special.  When you spend time in it regularly, you can better live mindfully.  Living in the moment, and relishing it patiently helps.  It’s soothing.

I feel more in control of my life through mindfulness.  I took a course of a few sessions some years ago to learn the techniques and practise on my own.  Life feels less hectic when I practise self-care regularly. 

4. Practise meditation

Incorporate meditation into your daily self-care routine.  Even better, make use of your backyard.  It’s a wonderful place for some moments of reflection.

If you have the space available, why not benefit from such activities?  If you don’t have one, then use your terrace, balcony, or veranda.  I have a rather large place with lots of greenery, so I take advantage of it.

5. Breathing exercise

Breathing yoga is also known as ‘pranayama’.  These are various breathing techniques that help in many ways.  You can learn and then practise regularly.

I open my window early morning, greeting pure fresh air.  Looking at the trees outside, and feeling the gentle breeze, is a healthy way to start my day.  I have sinus and find that these exercises are helpful (sharing my experience with readers).

6. Yoga routine

If you love yoga, you could consider taking your mat outdoors.  It helps to be in natural surroundings.  Get inspired and savor the aura.

I use a yoga mat and often leave the windows open for proper air ventilation.  Practising outdoors is interesting as well.  It all depends on how much space you have.  You might also like to consider if you’ve got enough privacy first.

7. Start a hobby

Start a greenhouse, if you don’t already have one.  Plant your favorite flowers and ferns.  It’s a hobby with many benefits.

I don’t do the floriculture myself, but someone else does it at home.  However, I find that it’s a relaxing activity.  It could be a bit tiring if you work a lot in the sun or if you’re digging very fast.  It’s some exercise as well!

River stones are in the background. Many flowers, a pond with a footbridge. Text: 12 wellness benefits of having a garden,, courtesy of Canva.
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8. Grow organic veggies

Organic veggies are the best.  They’re tasty and nutritious.  They’re also more expensive, compared to normal ones.

Grow your veggies, fruits, and herbs at home.  Have a small corner on your balcony, terrace, or veranda if there’s no other space to plant.  Enjoy healthy vegetables as well.

9. Protect the environment

When people plant as an activity, it could make them more aware of the environment.  With so much disaster being done, for ages, we all need to save the planet.  Through your love of flora, you could take better actions.

Preserving the verdure at home and all over the world should be everyone’s concern and priority.  Fauna is also often at risk.   Embrace activities and take action that conserves them.  Teach others to do the same.

10. Area for fitness

Do you exercise daily?  Staying fit is crucial for better health.  Do so in the open air, when possible.

Your backyard can be the right place for cardio or sports.  If you live in an area that’s not air polluted, you’re lucky.  If not then, avoid breathing car exhaust.  Prefer early mornings instead when there could be fresh air.

11. Coffee outdoors

Want to enjoy your lovely view of verdure?  Sit down in a cosy place with your cup of tea or coffee.  Have some cakes next to you.  Read an interesting book.

Having a spacious yard can sometimes be considered a luxury.  In areas where space is scarce, a balcony could be preferred.  However, just taking the time to relax is vital for self-care.  

12. Patio dinner

Have dinner on the patio for a change.  It’s an opportunity, especially when the weather is good.  Celebrate something special with close ones.

Light up cosy lamps, cook something different or even simple and easy to make.  The value lies in enjoying a different setting.

These are 12 ways that you can take pleasure in your yard.  These include self-care, nature, and saving the environment benefits.  If you have more ideas, I’d love to know.


Having a garden is indeed a blessing!  With little space, even a terrace, balcony, veranda, or patio would be terrific.  There are so many ways to use it, enhancing your life for better wellness.  If you find value in my blog, please comment and share so that more people can read it.  Thanks and cheers!!

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Green trees and a blue sky. Text: 12 wellness benefits of having a garden,, courtesy of Canva.
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17 thoughts on “12 wellness benefits of having a garden

  1. As a yoga teacher if the weather is nice I take my mat outdoors to the poolside and breathe in nature in her glory. Nothing like it. My favorite is oceanside but my garden will do as an alternative!

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  2. Recently I’ve written a blog on very similar topic, that’s “spending time with nature”, but that blog of mine is no where as good as this one. I absolutely love it, it’s well written,with clear information. I should have read this blog before that attempting on that topic.

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  3. These are very good tips, Sharvina! I am hoping to do some gardening this year, hopefully once the weather warms up. It’s below freezing here which is too cold to really plant anything yet. I’d love to grow some veggies, possibly a tomato plant and some strawberries!

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