Do you use conflict and motivation to your advantage?  There are many circumstances in life when you can make the most of them for better success.  Read on to see how.

As a self-improvement blogger, I blog weekly on Tips from Sharvi.  In this article, I’ll highlight ways that you can benefit from leveraging the topic.  I used some examples in the article as well.

How can conflict be positive?

Adversity often fuels jealousy and hatred.  In times of anger, you could lose control.  In doing so, the action taken could be regretful.  However, when used constructively, rivalry can have more significant benefits. 

When used for the betterment of all, a clash can be an impetus for improvement.  It doesn’t have to destroy the other but can help build things.  It can support growth for all those concerned as well when used properly.


Healthy competition

Competition is often a positive form of adversity.  It could be a game that you enjoy with friends.  It could also be a professional activity for some.

Many engagements boost personal growth.  Even when those participating challenge each other, it’s for a better cause.  I’ve listed some activities in this post.

Studies.  As a student, you sat for exams.  Aiming for top marks is normal.  The effort you put in counts.  When you aim high, you also work hard.

When students think this way, I assume they will do their best.  Education is a great opportunity.  It benefits all.

Sports.  You must have participated in athletics and basketball at school.  If you were keen enough, maybe you joined the school or your local team.  Professional players compete positively. 

Participating in a match is entertaining and challenging.  It fuels a sense of belonging to your team.  Physical activity is great for your health.

Business.  In this arena, competitors fight for a bigger market share.  Who doesn’t want to increase revenue and profits?  Meet and even exceed client expectations?

Brands that outperform others, provide the best solutions to client problems.  They also should have a good level of customer service.  In the end, the client gets the best out of it.

Woman practicing boxing with a punching bag. Text: How conflict and motivation support your success,


Persistency supports you in not giving up.  When you set meaningful goals that align with your purpose, you believe in them.  When you find yourself in a clash, it can be used as an impetus to persevere.

Life struggles make you stronger.  In difficult times, you learn many life lessons.  There is much to gain through such experiences that inspire you to keep going.

Don’t give up.  Challenges can bring out the best in you.  Think of an experience that made you discover a new talent or skill.

I was a good athlete at school.  Having moved to a new country, I joined a new school.  To my surprise, I ran a crucial race and was awarded the gold medal!

Find better solutions.  When faced with issues in a project, it prompts you to find alternatives.  Use it as an incentive to boost creativity and innovate.  Solve your problem through better ideas.

Avoid procrastination.  No matter how hard-working, there could be times when you procrastinate.  In situations of rivalry, who can linger?  It’s a stimulation to get to work.

The urge to act and not be left behind is helpful.  When you truly believe that you have to work on something, you go for it.  You’ll never defer it for another day or year.

Eliminate time wasters.  Remove unproductive items from your agenda.  Having an opposition sparks the need to focus on the right things.  Don’t get left behind.

With the determination to surpass the other, time management is primordial.  Get rid of unnecessary tasks.  Do the right ones.

Focus on productivity.  Time spent on unnecessary tasks is useless.  Delegate and give your attention to the right activities for success.

Get more done in less time.  Increase the quality of results.  Get better output without work burnout.

Work hard.  When you know that your rival is out there to outshine you, you better take it seriously.  Work smart to perform your best.

There are many ways to enjoy better results.  Find and adopt better work processes.  Organize your office and more.


Economics as an example

While studying for my business degree, I can across some terms in economics.  It struck me how these can be applied in personal life as well.  Although normally meant to explain other things, I’ll use them in the context of my article to illustrate.

Scarce resources.  Resources are always limited.  Whether rich or poor, it will be bounded.  These are not infinite.

You, therefore, have to make a choice.  How will you use your limited budget?  For example, will you renovate your home office or invest in learning new skills?

Trade-off.  You may need to reduce your expenses for one of them.  You cannot get both fully.  Which is more deserving and adds value?

Opportunity cost.  Your choice is made.  You choose to invest in taking a new course instead of renovating.  Your home office can wait for later.  On the other hand, you need the skills as quickly as possible to work on a lucrative project.  

This was a brief illustration of how contesting needs can result in the best choice.  With scarce resources, it’s a must to allocate and select the best possible alternative.  This boosts better judgments and higher-quality decision-making.

There are many moments in a lifetime when you’re faced with adversity.  The struggle is a part of life.  Instead of shying out, take courage. 

Have an edge by adopting a better approach and attitude.  Turn this threat into an opportunity.  Use it as a power to boost motivation and success.


Leverage situations in life that seem like a struggle.  Make the most of rivalry, in a positive way for the better.  Through healthy competition, gain better results.  If you know someone who needs to read about conflict and motivation, please share my article.


Conflict (process)

Approach-avoidance conflict


18 thoughts on “How conflict and motivation support your success

  1. The urge to act in support of a goal is what motivates people. It is essential to establishing and achieving our goals.
    One of the factors influencing human behavior is motivation. It encourages rivalry and fosters interpersonal relationships. Depression and other mental diseases might result from its absence. The desire to keep making progress toward a life with meaning, purpose and worth living is a component of motivation.

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  2. I appreciate how you mention that adversity can boost personal growth. I think we forget that sometimes. And it’s a great reminder for kids when they are challenged or fail… be patient because positive outcomes can emerge even when you can’t see it in the moment.

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