Solopreneur self-help is crucial.  Are you a blogger, coach, freelancer, or anyone working on your terms alone?  Read on to see why and how it supports you.

Here’s my list:

1. Solopreneur self-help

You’re likely to feel alone sometimes.  It may look like being in a silo with no feedback.  Having no one to give a pat on the back can be hard at times.

It’s crucial to take additional steps.  Make it a must to network and have a community.  Partner with those who complement your brand.

Working on my terms, in a sales and marketing role, I mostly operate in my home office.  It’s been over 9 yeast at the time of writing.  My blog is a separate activity.

Many things can go unnoticed when you’re focused.  For example, when you’re engrossed in completing a project, do you ever neglect a proper lunch?  It’s primordial to take regular breaks and clock out on time.  

2. Self-care

When you operate from your home office, take initiative.  There’s no school bell that rings, reminding you to move from your desk.  If you have close ones at home during the day, they may remind you.  However, adopting good habits is a safer way to ensure desired results. 

The line between professional and personal life can become blurry.  In your home office, you may see your kids running in for some attention.  Newborns, infants, and toddlers do need even more time.

I have defined boundaries by telling family members that I’m available for urgent matters.  The rest can wait till I take a break.  Before bedtime, I prefer no screen time.

3. Reject burnout

Burnout can be common for solopreneurs.  The idea of being your own boss is often appealing.  However, after your business takes off, you feel overwhelmed.

Once more, there could be no one to warn you about overworking.  Working with a team, you could delegate.  Taking time off and having others to cover is easier.

Solopreneurs tend to do much all by themselves.  They usually don’t have employees.  However, having a freelance virtual assistant could be helpful.

I use apps to help with many tasks.  Scheduling social media posts is made easy.  I once owned a home shopping website and outsourced certain things conveniently. 

4. Self-improvement

Self-improvement is a crucial topic.  I always value it.  If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know how much I support it.

Take initiative and enroll in online courses.  Take advantage of solopreneur coaching.  Don’t remain in your comfort zone and become stagnant.

Blogging, for example, is easy to start.  There are practically no barriers to entry.  However, it’s said that the majority of new blogs never make it till their first anniversary.

It takes courage, patience, and perseverance.  Follow a proven system and be eager to learn and improve.  Learn from your own experiences and benefit from experts as well.

5. Prioritize personal growth

Through solopreneur success stories, you can get inspired.  Staying motivated, take action on your goals.  Embrace discipline, so that you stay on track.

Personal growth is not a strict rule.  It’s not like still being at school.  Lifelong learning is advantageous.  Choose to embrace it and enrich yourself.

With flexible methods,  you can take courses at your pace.  I love reading in the mornings more than at night.  Find times that work best for you.

Go for the right methods or learning styles.  Some people prefer videos, others, podcasts.  Reading blogs, books, and ebooks is also an option.  Do you feel best when interacting at workshops? How about teaching others what you assimilate through demonstrations?

6. Embrace challenges

Challenges can often look repulsive.  However, when seen from another angle, these could be desirable.  Have you heard of blessings in disguise?

Competitions are a form of challenge.  Think of your favorite sportsperson or athlete.  In the case of a blogger, freelancer, coach, or anyone working on their own, challenges depend on the nature of their respective activities.

How can good self-esteem help you through difficult situations?  Believe in yourself.  Just be your true self.  

I moved from being employed in corporate jobs to working on my terms.  For over nine years (at the time of writing), I have had my home office.  It was a daring and courageous decision.  Being risky, I took a proactive calculated approach.

7. Work smart approaches

Some tactics support better productivity.  Work smarter to achieve more in less time.  Is it possible?  Some methods work better than others.

If you have experience, you’re able to find a process that saves minutes or hours.  Over time, your priorities may change.  Review the way you carry out your tasks and improve them.

Download the free productivity checklist.  It’s a quick way to find crucial steps.  Use these tips if you aren’t doing so already. 

8. Avoid time-wasters

It can be hard to say no to others.  However, it’s for the better when necessary.  If you hesitate to say that you can’t take on more, you may face burnout.

There can be many undesired consequences of not drawing the line.  Work overload could lead to exhaustion.  In turn, productivity levels could decline.

Being on your own in business can be hectic.  Don’t neglect your well-being.  Identify and remove time-wasters to focus on crucial things.

9. Beat the competition

When you’re a freelancer, you constantly need to secure new projects.  The brands that you pitch to, also have other freelancers reaching out.  You need to stand out and show how you provide value.

For a blogger, there are so many others online.  Competition is vast.  With so many that exist, being on top of Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is challenging.

You may or may not beat the competition, yet, stand out.  Carefully study what the brand wants before sending an email.  Show how you can add value.  Avoid generic templates.  

Small bloggers often need to choose a niche.  Provide solutions to issues.  Prefer long-tail keywords with high volume and low search difficulty.  Follow current best practices and proven systems.

10. Bottom line

You’re the leader of your activity.  If you neglect your work, maybe no one will scold you.  If you neglect your wellness, then also maybe no one will.  When it comes to revenue and profits, you can set your goals.

Working too much can have a counter effect on wellness.  Neglecting work may decrease your returns.  There should be a reasonable work-life balance. 

Any profit-oriented setup aims to maximize financial returns.  For an individual working from home, it’s likely to be the same.  However, practice proper self-care as well.

Never neglect relaxation.  Self-improvement supports progress.  Personal growth is an ongoing and lifelong process. 


Working alone comes with certain challenges.  Adopt the right habits for the better. Solopreneur self-help is a must to stay on top of things.

Download the free productivity checklist today!

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