Don’t play it safe or do so?  Which approach do you generally take in life?  There are reasons for and against both perspectives.  Read to see how being bold can boost success.

This topic could be relevant to anyone.  As I share self-improvement for solopreneurs, I’ll highlight examples to suit my readers.  There’s something for almost anyone, in their personal and professional life.

My brief story is that I’ve had some corporate world experience.  However, when I decided to become a solopreneur, I faced many challenges.  To start with, those around me considered my choice to be unconventional,  Fast forward nine years later (today, at the time of writing), I love and enjoy what I do every day!

Take precautions

There are, of course, many reasons to be careful.  Being cautious pays off.  Knowing what you venture into is crucial.

There are times, when you may get stagnant.  Always be on the outlook for new changes.  Stay on guard and ready to learn for better success. 

It’s an ever-changing world.  Volatility is everywhere.  Even if you choose to be on the safe side, you’ll have to face reality and evolve.  

1. Don’t play it safe  

This mindset also has its pros and cons.  However, there can be more benefits than pitfalls, I believe.  Those that embrace it, tend to be better prepared.

Being complacent can lead to danger.  Today, AI is taking over copywriting.  Every blogger who works hard (and smart), produces original content.  It takes time and much dedication to grow your blog over the years.

I started Tips from Sharvi as a hobby.  It has evolved into my side hustle as well.  Creating original content is enjoyable, even though it takes time.

If you’re a blogger, you have to acknowledge that there are also other possible forms of content creation.  These could be used as alternatives or complement your writing. Vlogging and podcasting are two popular examples.  

Blogging isn’t dead yet.  However, plan and take action on time, so that you continue to have an audience.  Your content, products, or services can continue to flourish in the future.

2. Solopreneur life

A solopreneur is an entrepreneur who works alone.  Many prefer to hire a freelance VA.  However, you normally work on your own, on your terms.

As a business person or side hustler, you have to take some type of risk.  It’s a natural part of the activity.  One advantage of being a blogger and content creator is that you can start with little investment.

Invest your time in writing, taking photos (can also use free stock), or making videos.  You don’t need lots of money to start a side hustle.  Compared to other types of businesses, it’s generally affordable.

As with any activity, there can be threats.  No one takes no chances at all.  Some common fears may be having your content stolen, being accused wrongfully, getting hacked, and more.

3. Informed decisions

Gather data and be informed.  It helps to progress.  The more you learn about something, the more you feel at ease.

Read my article about making better decisions.  There are some best practices and ideas.  Instead of avoiding new projects, get prepared for the better.

I have a business degree, and it has helped me much in what I do daily.  There are lots of things that formal education doesn’t teach.  Learning by experience is also key.  If you don’t dare, you’ll never learn the untaught.

4. Calculated risks

Taking chances is inevitable.  There will be times when choices may lead to a desired or unwanted result.  Different people have different levels of intolerance.

Those who never try, don’t develop relevant skills.  Those who give it a try, are better off.  They can find out what to improve on for next time.

5. Mitigation

Mitigate your risks in various ways.  When it comes to starting new projects, analyze well.  Plan and set the right goals.  Always evaluate and change what becomes redundant.  You can use frameworks (such as the SMART criteria on Wikipedia) for goal-setting.  

There are also some general life ideas. I’ve shared about them in another article.  You may choose to read more on preparing for the unexpected.

Person saying no. Text: Don’t play it safe: 10 pros vs cons,
Person saying no

6. Ditch perfectionism

By avoiding venturing into new areas, you hold yourself back. You can either delay action or miss out on it. It’s crucial to take a calculated approach. However, don’t allow perfectionism to stand in the way.

There are many things that you can start and gradually improve upon.  Be it blogging or other types of content creation, you learn as you grow.  Even in other fields, there’s always room for improvement.  If you wait to be perfect, you might just keep waiting while others progress. 

7. Seize opportunities 

When opportunity knocks at your door, welcome it wholeheartedly.  If you doubt yourself, you might lose out on chances.  Although you must carefully consider each offer before accepting, don’t miss out on the right ones.

Sometimes you may feel that you’re not ready to dive into a new challenge.  Doing so impulsively can be regretful.  Take a moment to evaluate it and if it’s beneficial, seize it.  You can build your skills at the same time.

There can be many circumstances when you’re faced with difficulty.  For example, showing up professionally can be hard for some reasons.  Read about it and use it to your advantage

8. Embrace change

Change is often unwelcome.  When you’re used to a routine, changing it can be disruptive.  However, some could be a catalyst for the better, and others, inevitable.

Adaptation can be more difficult for some people, compared to others.  The younger you are, the easier it tends to be.  As we age, it could seem more difficult.

There are many reasons to embrace change.  There are ways that you gain from doing so.  Read my other article and reflect to consider the benefits.

9. Failure helps success

No one wants to fail.  However, with a growth mindset, you can benefit from it.  Failure supports success.

When you make mistakes, learn from them.  Use your experience to your advantage and do better next time.  Learn from the elderly in your family and successful people as well.

10. Persevere naturally

Perseverance is beneficial.  There are many times when giving up will be the easy way out.  However, be determined and keep going.

Set the right goals, and take action.  Move gradually, if need be.  Giving up too soon often prevents progress when success is possible.

Pros vs cons

There are reasons for and against taking no chances.  Being risk-aversive can keep you safe at bay.  However, if a ship doesn’t venture at sea, it’s of no use.

I borrow a famous quote from BainyQuote.

“A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.” – Grace Hopper


You can either choose to play it safe or risk it.  Either way, consider the pros and cons in specific circumstances.  In doing so, you may find hidden opportunities and decide to seize them.  If you’re keen on slaying your goals, download my free productivity checklist today!

Tick and danger. Text: Don’t play it safe: 10 pros vs cons,
Tick and danger

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