The importance of rules in life touches many aspects generally.  If you’re a new or aspiring blogger or vlogger, have you thought about adopting the right success habits?  I’ll focus on examples that are for side hustlers. 

I’m a blogger and also work on my terms with a company.  My blog started as a hobby.   After its first anniversary, it turned into a side hustle.

Being a solopreneur for nine years (time of writing), I’ve seen different things that work for better productivity.  I started my blog five years ago to share my experience, tips, and ideas.  Having the right mindset and habits is a crucial part of getting your desired results.

In addition to taking courses and my experience, I see the blog comments of my readers.  My email subscribers send me survey feedback.  These are interesting ways to know what my audience value and need.

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Rules in life

Principles guide you toward a better life.  At the same time, when you voluntarily choose to adopt something, you truly believe in it.  On the other hand, if it feels like an obligation or forced, you might not pursue it wholeheartedly.  

Knowing your life purpose supports better choices.  Whatever it is that you aim for, you feel that you own it.  Perseverance is at its best, even in tough moments.

Side hustle examples

Starting a gig is handy in many ways.  Some popular types of activities are blogging, vlogging, photography, AI, digital marketing, and affiliate marketing.

You may already have a full-time job and looking for something in your spare time.  If you’d like to find ideas about remote jobs for introverts, read my other article.  Many of them can just start as a secondary activity.

Enjoyable things

Do you have a hobby that brings you joy?  At the same time, can you help others in some way?  In doing so, would people pay for it?

It could be as simple as helping someone out.  Imposter syndrome happens to everyone.  When it does, you feel that you’re not worthy of guiding others.  Later on, you realize that by being a few steps ahead and having the experience, you can.  Read my article to see how you can evolve from being a newbie to becoming an expert.  

Successful gigs

If you aim at being successful at your chosen activity, ensure high quality.  There’s a risk that doing something for fun could lead to a low level of performance.  That’s why you need rules in daily life, even when it comes to gigs.

There should be no pressure for pure leisure and pastimes.  However, if you expect your fun moments to generate some cash, you need to take it like work.

Even if you dedicate a few hours a week, prefer to do it well.  Take courses, practice to improve, and get feedback from relevant people.  I work from my home office, and even though I don’t put in as many hours as a full-time job requires, I do have a professional schedule.

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Right mindset

Adopt a mindset that’s conducive to success.  Take calculated risks when needed.  Learn from failure to improve.

It can be challenging to put yourself out there.  On the internet, there can be bullying and intimidation.  Take precautions and think carefully before posting, especially when vlogging.  You can edit a published article more easily than a video.

Read about 3 tools that I recommend to other bloggers.  If you take your side project seriously, you’ll find some handy tips.  Read this article to find the essential tools.


When on your own in any project, you could be doing all the thinking, planning, and action-taking.  Such pastimes could end up getting neglected.  However, if you aim at serving your audience truly, ensure consistency.  

Motivation could diminish.  Life can get in the way over time.  I found a better approach that works for me.  Try self-motivation and self-discipline, and see for yourself.


Blogging is a popular hobby.  Many even take it up full-time.  If you plan on monetizing yours, think strategically.  There’s a difference between a personal blog and one that will go for monetization sooner or later.  Not everyone wants to read how you spend your day, except your family and friends.

Post helpful content, consistently.  If you’re moody, you might have to fight it on certain days.  However, find the right balance so as not to neglect your platforms, while ensuring no burnout.

My frequency is only once a week for new articles.  I also aim at updating older ones every month.  Publishing more often than I do can give better results.  However, I’ve set myself realistic goals that I can keep up with.  Find yours.


Video can work on its own or complement articles.  No one can underestimate its importance.  It often takes more time and requires a higher budget than writing.  

You can start with your smartphone.  Getting a professional camera and editing software brings even better results.  Shooting and editing may also require more time.  It depends on the type and length of content you choose to produce.

As an ambivert, I enjoy writing the most.  However, I do make some Instagram reels and idea pins as well.  Lifelong learning and practicing are keys to skill building.

Digital products 

Starting to offer your ebooks, guides, and online courses, is another way to help your audience.  You may or may not have many followers yet.  Starting an email list is a great way to reach those who have opted for your tips and updates.

If you already have a blog, you can talk about your product there.  Drive the right niche traffic to your offer.  Know who you serve through your ideal client persona.

Some online course platforms even have a marketplace.  You can list your creations to reach more people.  These also tend to be competitive with other similar creators. 


Types of services include freelancing and coaching.  Examples are freelance VA, video editor, and graphic designer.  As a coach, you could offer life coaching or another service that you have expertise in.  Some may require a formal qualification.


To wrap it up, hobbies and gigs are fun.  Take them seriously for better success.  The importance of rules in life supports side hustles, as with anything generally.  

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