Have you ever asked yourself how independent you are?  As a child, we are fully dependent on our parents, yearning for admiration and reassurance in everything.  It doesn’t stop here but goes on.  Read more about it.

Over the years, we form our peer groups.  Wanting their approval, many abide by peer pressure at an early age.  Some even start drinking alcohol and smoking too young.  

At work, we go along with organizational politics.  It may seem to be a means to being promoted.  The list could go on!

I’ll first list personal life examples, then move to professional ones.  These illustrate the importance of such an approach.  I’ll also focus on bloggers and solopreneurs, although anyone can benefit.

In personal life

Being independent doesn’t mean that you don’t need anyone at all.  However, you take responsibility for your own happiness, destiny, and the consequences of your actions.  There are different aspects of being unrestrained, that can bring holistic wellness at the individual level.  

I will tell you about nine of them, that I believe to be crucial:

1. Decision-making

Being unrestrained speeds up decision-making for the individual.  You can make your personal decisions, and even take calculated risks.  Not only do you act faster, but are likely to be more self-confident.  

Take responsibility for your actions.  Learn from past mistakes and progress.  Self-pity and blaming others for pitfalls that you encounter, will not be your style.

I remember how I used to depend on others as a child,  Even the smallest decisions weren’t mine.  As an adult, I can make choices that matter.  

Family and parents are there to support you.  At the same time, being truly yourself is natural.  Know and live your life purpose.

2. Emotional level

Being emotionally robust, practical, and wise about life, comes with age and wisdom.  However, we can all work on it,  whatever our personality type, by taking the right attitude.  Self-love is crucial to living happily.

Think of a time when your emotions controlled your mind.  Did you behave mindfully?  People often say not to speak when you’re angry and never make a promise when you’re sad.

Naturally, the heart does guide the mind, especially when in love.  There are times when you must just let it be.  On the other hand, at times, it’s better to think carefully.

3. Hobbies

Having hobbies is a must for everyone!  Why?  Because a hobby is essential for our psychological, physical, and spiritual well-being.  While practicing activities that you enjoy, you take enough time for yourself.  

Feel good, focused, at peace, and remain fit.  People even choose to make a living out of their favorite hobby!  By creating content, I enjoy my side hustle.

4. Social life

While we work on being emotionally independent, we should not neglect to have a social life simultaneously.  Surround yourself with people who bring positivity.  When they criticize you, take constructive criticism positively.  

No one can make you feel bad or inferior if you don’t allow them to.  Choose your friends wisely!  Let go of time-wasters.

Being independent doesn’t mean that you don’t need others.  It also doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t learn from them.  Have an open mind at the same time, and choose self-improvement.

Dollars, family, and love. Text: Some aspects of being independent: 9 benefits, tipsfromsharvi.com.
Dollars, family, and love.

In professional life

5. Risk-taking

Taking risks is inevitable.  Even if you tend to be aversive towards it, there are situations in life when you’ll be confronted with the need.  Take calculated risks. 

For example, when I chose to work on my terms, it was a challenge.  However, I carefully considered the pros and cons of it.  As a blogger, I can better control how much I spend, compared to other types of businesses.

6. Blogger freedom 

I started my blog as a hobby, then grew it into a side hustle.  As I work from home, I can adjust my agenda the way I prefer.  I even take a 4-day work week, when I need to.

7. Other solopreneurs

If you’re a coach, freelancer, digital product creator, or anyone similar working on your terms, you’re the boss.  A boss can enjoy flexibility, but also has to be accountable to themselves.  If you’re too lenient, you know that you risk getting little to no result.

8. Financial level

Being financially independent and self-sufficient about money is very important.  Often in households, women tend to depend on their husbands, even if they are career women.  Women may find it hard to be financially independent, as they often earn relatively less.  

Men may also feel that they are economically dependent, given certain circumstances in life.  Providing for yourself and your family is crucial.  Financial literacy is knowing how to manage your money, for the better.

9. Personality choice

Is it good to be independent?  Yes or no could both be answers, depending on your personality and circumstances.  However, by being autonomous, you can better take control of your life and decisions.


These are valuable aspects of being unrestrained.  If you favor this approach in life, embrace it reasonably.  Learn how to be independent for the better.

Editor’s Note: This blog article has been updated for better accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Flying bird. Text: Some aspects of being independent: 9 benefits, tipsfromsharvi.com.
Flying bird

5 thoughts on “Some aspects of being independent: 9 benefits

  1. Great post! And you’ve pretty much covered everything. If I’ve to add to the list maybe I’ll talk about the sense of purpose. To live meaningful life we need to have a sense purpose or direction which pushes us to do better everyday. Moreover, the other aspects of being independent will be futile if there’s no sense of purpose.

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  2. Really interesting points and I think you’ve covered all the bases, I am about to become a freelance assessor so that is why it caught my eye. One thing I would contribute is slightly linked, but I was always told that all you really need in life is something to love, something to do and something to look forward to 😀😀

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