Do you feel like waking up for work every morning? Do you always start your day, cheerful and excited?… Are you struggling to fight boredom at work?

As a blogger giving ‘tips to make your daily life easier!’ (my tagline), I’ll share 12 suggestions to help you work on feeling enthusiastic, so that you can make the most of your office time!:

1. Right profession/career

Firstly, make sure that you’re in the right type of job. The same applies even if you’re an entrepreneur or work from home. Many people decide to change to different industries during their lifetime.

2. Move around

Leave your desk sometimes, walk a little when possible. Have lunch with colleagues at the canteen, not in front of your desktop. Perhaps plan a quick lunch outside the office with others and get back to work on time.

3. Office décor

Make your working environment interesting. Your employer may renovate from time to time. On your own, you may set your table the way you prefer. Try out some interesting, fancy stationaries!

4. Desktop wallpaper

Declutter your desktop and update your wallpaper often. Choose a photo that mesmerizes you! Use motivating and inspiring quotes.

How to beat boredom at work joyfully... #beatboredom #boredatwork
Courtesy of Canva. How to beat boredom at work joyfully, Tips from Sharvi.

5. Listen to music

If your company allows it, then put on some music. This is a great way to enjoy yourself at work. However, avoid loud, distracting tunes and songs that contain swear words. Remain professional and productive!

6. Interesting tasks

Prefer tasks that you enjoy as much as possible. You may still have to work on those that bore you as well (that’s part of having to do one’s job). However, organizing your day thoughtfully could help you feel better and react positively.

7. Help a colleague

Offer to help someone when you can spare a few minutes. Generosity will lighten up your day! It also helps build relationships.

8. Tell jokes

Spend some time with your teammates. Cheer each other up. You’ll surely feel great!

How to beat boredom at work joyfully... #boringwork #boringworklife
Courtesy of Canva. How to beat boredom at work joyfully, Tips from Sharvi.

9. Give suggestions

When possible, do suggest what could be improved. Many employers are keen to improve working conditions for their employees. Quality circles are an example of how employees can voice out their concerns for better work experience.

10. Some working methods that could help:

  • Job design
  • Task variety
  • Job rotation
  • Flexitime
  • More…

11. Be patient

While you may feel bored from time to time, do practice mindfulness. Be patient… Take things with maturity.

12. Practice gratitude

Last but not least, be thankful for what you have. You’ll feel that your boredom is less important. You’ll see things differently!

Some famous quotes

“There’s no excuse to be bored. Sad, yes. Angry, yes. Depressed, yes. Crazy, yes. But there’s no excuse for boredom, ever.” – Viggo Mortensen

“Humor and laughter – not necessarily derogatory derision – are my pet tools. This may come from my general philosophy of never taking the world too seriously – for fear of dying of boredom.” – Marcel Duchamp

“Something opens our wings. Something makes boredom and hurt disappear. Someone fills the cup in front of us: We taste only sacredness.” – Rumi


Boredom can be combatted. Be creative, find ways to make your workplace and life in general… exciting. Be the best version of yourself, seeing the brighter side of things! Do you have any tips to share? Please do so. Thank you!!

Photo/Image courtesy: Canva


Quality circle

Job design

Quote by Viggo Mortensen

Quote by Marcel Duchamp

Quote by Rumi

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