Do you sometimes find yourself burnt out, stressed and exhausted due to a lack of boundaries in your life? What are the consequences on your overall wellness and productivity? Read my blog post to see how setting healthy boundaries will help you.

Firstly, saying ‘no’ to people when you have to, isn’t selfish. You do that, although you’re kind and polite. The point is that (like everyone else), you only have 24 hours in a day and you should make the most of it without feeling overwhelmed!

I’ll list my top 11 ways for setting healthy boundaries that will bless you:

1. Self-esteem

When you know that you can’t take on more than what you already are taking, then refusing is the right thing to do! When you can assert yourself in such circumstances, you have high self-esteem. You assume responsibility for your life decisions and overall wellness.

2. Emotional health

Setting boundaries helps you to have better emotional health. You must feel in control of your life! Although you’re likely to have family obligations, work hard professionally, keep up with social life and trends, these don’t dictate your life. On the contrary, you enjoy them.

11 ways setting boundaries will bless you! #personalboundaries #selfcare
Photo courtesy Canva. 11 ways setting boundaries will bless you! – Tips for Sharvi.

3. Better relationships

Being clear with people about when you’ll be available is healthy. If someone contacts you at the wrong time, you react annoyed, you could potentially harm relationships. In this case, you could tell others that you’re normally not reachable at dinner time, except for urgent matters.

4. Self-care

When you draw the line, you’re taking due care of yourself. You need to feel at your very best to have the energy and motivation to accomplish daily tasks. If you neglect yourself, you’ll sooner or later regret it!

5. Self-love

Self-love isn’t selfish! Defining your boundaries is natural. You need to have some time for yourself first, then you’ll be better at helping others.

6. Stress level

Stressful lifestyles are very common. Many people seek professional help for handling tension. You should work on setting aside time for yourself and relaxing. Before meditating, tell everyone at home not to disturb you, or better still, ask them to join you and benefit from serenity together!

7. Digital detox

11 ways setting boundaries will bless you! #personalboundaries #digitaldetox
Photo courtesy Canva. 11 ways setting boundaries will bless you! – Tips from Sharvi.

As a blogger, I spend much time online and on social media, enjoying what I do immensely! At the same time, I take the habit of having no screen time before bedtime and keep my phone away for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. How do you ensure taking breaks from your devices?

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8. More organized

Once you know and affirm your boundaries, you’ll be more organized. You’ll give your full attention to the right tasks at the right time. This leads to better results in what you undertake.

9. Increased productivity

When you affirm your availability, you can better concentrate on your current priorities. With fewer distractions, you’ll get more done in the same amount of time. You’ll also get better at the skills that you practice!

10. Focus on goals

When you know your true priorities, you can set the right goals for yourself. When you work on meaningful goals, you’re motivated to go all the way! Focus on what’s important and not the clutter around it.

11. Success

Last but not least, set healthy boundaries to support you on your way to success. No matter how you define success and what you want in life, taking the right daily habits will assist you in achieving what you venture out for. Focus on the right goals and work on them, knowing your true priorities!


To sum up, when life gets in the way, you feel overwhelmed. Recognize the limits and draw boundaries to keep up with the exigencies of life, being in control. Do you have any tips to share? Please post a comment. If you know anyone who could benefit from my blog post, please share it. Thank you!!

Photo/Image courtesy: Canva


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