I blog about tips on life, self-improvement, and self-care. In this post I’m sharing 26 salient hacks that will assist you daily. You can choose to apply them to different aspects of your life. Read for more…

26 life tips that will bless you:

Life lessons

1. Know your life purpose

2. Set the right life goals for yourself

3. Always be your (true) self

4. Dare to be different

5. Enjoy life to the maximum

6. Make the most of your life


7. Have a morning routine

8. Plan your daily tasks

9. Know your priorities

10. Choose ongoing learning

11. Learn from your past mistakes

12. Improve yourself willingly

13. Take calculated risks

14. Monitor your finances thoughtfully

15. Start investing for retirement needs as early as possible

26 life tips that will bless you!
Courtesy of Canva. 26 life tips that will bless you! – Tips from Sharvi.

Family/social life

16. Value quality time spent with family

17. Meet up with friends

18. Network for professional reasons

19. Volunteer for a good cause


20. Practice gratitude

21. Meditate/pray

22. Exercise regularly

23. Have a balanced and nutritious diet

24. Drink plenty of water

25. Keep a personal journal

26. Have hobbies that you enjoy


To sum up, use the above life tips in your daily life. Apply them in your way, to different aspects of your life. Know your true life purpose and work towards what you want to achieve! Do you have any tips to share? Please post a comment below. If you know anyone who would benefit from my blog post, please share it. Thank you!!

26 life tips that will bless you!
Courtesy of Canva. 26 life tips that will bless you! – Tips from Sharvi.


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39 thoughts on “26 life tips that will bless you!

  1. What a great list, Sharvi! Thanks so much for sharing. To introduce only some of these would radically change any life. I’ve found that to make a habit of laughing – at genuinely funny things or just at our daily mishaps/misfortunes – can work wonders. Like regular exercise it releases endorphins. It has the feel good factor, arming us with a cheerfulness, an exuberance, that can be so important when we face challenges.

    Thanks again for sharing your post 🙂

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  2. Loved this post! Though every single one of these is helpful, I’ve personally found that practicing gratitude to be one of the best remedies for stress and anxiety. Thank you for sharing. All the best in 2020.

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