Are you looking to start a new hobby or rekindle a past interest?  Do you need to improve some skills, while enjoying yourself doing what you love, value and look forward to?  Read my blog post to find 10 helpful online courses for new hobbyists.

As a self-improvement blogger, I find much value in having an avocation that I practice regularly.  Blogging is an example for me, as I gain much from it in various ways.  Pastimes are fun, interesting, and help for personal growth.  They’re great for self-improvement and self-care.  

Here are some pastimes that you can consider, with online course suggestions. I’ve broken them down into 3 sections, namely bookish, creative, and entertainment hobbies.  With the current lockdown in many countries (at the time of writing this blog post), when social distancing is a must, these activities can be enjoyed at home.

My list of 10 distractions to consider:

bookish hobbies

1. Scrapbooking

This practice exists for many years.  Keeping photos of family, for example, is a way to preserve cherished memories, or to keep a visual journal instead of only writing.  Digital scrapbooking is often used.  I find that it’s an interesting alternative to storing paper, uses less space, less clutter, and can be accessed easily.

Have you tried scrapbooking yet?

Disclosure: ‘I’m a participant in the Udemy Affiliate Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for my blog to earn fees by linking to’ – FTC disclosure for Udemy Affiliates

My Udemy video course pick…

Digital Scrapbooking for Absolute Beginners

‘Learn to use your computer to tell your stories’

Image from 10 helpful online courses for new hobbyists – Tips from Sharvi.

2. Blogging

Blogging, vlogging, or podcasting are great ways to have an occupation and maybe even turn it into a side hustle.  At a professional level, people can make a full-time income out of it.  I started my self-improvement blog to help me with my life goals and even have been paid for my work.

Try out this online course.

Blogging for a Living – Perfect Small Budget Project

‘Make a full-time living or much more. In depth step-by-step blogging blueprint. Evergreen, beginner friendly, and fun!’

3. Ebooks

Writing ebooks could start as a pastime, but if taken seriously, you can make good money selling them.  You can use your blog or other platforms to sell them, free graphic designing tools to create them, and free spell-check.  For a more professional touch, use the paid versions of the apps.  

Looking to write an ebook?

Kindle Secrets: How I Wrote a Best Selling eBook In 72 hours

‘Kindle Insights: Learn My Proven Kindle System to Write and Market a Kindle BestSeller, and earn $10,000+ in Royalties!’

4. Coding

Learn the basics of coding if you’re not a professional.  It’s helpful knowledge and skill.  If you’re really into it, then why not consider becoming a software engineer?

Coding for Beginners 1: You Can Learn to Code!

‘The perfect course for complete beginners. Friendly – No experience required. Go from scratch to coding a real app!’

Creative hobbies

5. Puppetry

Create your favourite puppets and use them for fun.  It can be amazing to give them a role and character.  Practice how to use them for a show.

How to Create a Character Puppet

‘For fun or for a Show’

6. Doll Making

Craft a doll of your choice.  Doll making can help you develop your hidden skills and learn more.  Keep them for yourself or gift them to dearest ones.  Why not sell them as well?

Take a look at…

Polymer Doll Making, Craft and Sculpting Character Art Doll

‘Learn How to Make Polymer Dolls, Sculpt and DIY Handmade Dolls with Polymer Clay, Custom Dolls. Handicraft for Gift’

7. Candle making

Candles are lovely, cosy, and warm.  They can also have a scent.  Enjoy making them and then light up a room for a special occasion.

Start this course.

How to Make Candles – Candle Making for Beginners

‘Quickly and easily make a wide range of fabulous looking, amazing smelling candles, for personal use and gifts’

Entertainment hobbies

8. Grilling

Grilling is like an art and can result in tasty food to enjoy!  Need to choose the right grill for yourself?  Get a buyer’s guide.

Take this course.

BBQ 101 – A Buyer’s Guide

‘When you are in the market to buy a BBQ (barbecue) grill for your family, this is all you need to know.’

9. Piano

Piano playing is so soothing.  Music is great, and brings pure joy!  If you need to learn the piano, then go for it.

10 helpful online courses for new hobbyists
Image from 10 helpful online courses for new hobbyists – Tips from Sharvi.

Play the piano to the tune of…

Play “The Entertainer” and “Maple Leaf Rag” by Joplin!

‘Learn to play two ragtime standards!’

10. Guitar 

The guitar is another amazing instrument.  Learn to play if you’re new to it, or develop your skills if you’ve already started.  Learn, practice, have fun and impress close ones at home.

Grab this online course!

Complete Guitar Lessons System – Beginner to Advanced

‘All-in-one Guitar Course, Fingerpicking Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar, Blues Guitar, Acoustic Guitar & Electric Guitar’

Choose your best diversion activity, learn the skills if you have to, and enjoy yourself while growing personally.  Best wishes!


To sum up, there are many types of hobbies to choose from.  Find the right one for yourself.  If you need to start by learning the skills, then online courses can be handy.  If you want to tell us about your diversion activities, please do leave a comment. If you know someone who needs to read my article, please share it.  Thank you!! 

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