Have you seen the benefits of note-taking?  They support you in many spheres of life.  In this article, I’ll list some ways that taking notes supports self-care for the better.  Read my blog post for more…

I’m a self-improvement blogger and use different types of jottings every day.  While these exercises are beneficial and I’ve seen interesting results, I’ll share them with my blog readers.

1. Self-care goals

What better way to keep track of your set self-care goals than by being accountable?  Noting down and taking a few minutes a day to see how well you’ve achieved them is a great way to persevere.  I prefer looking at my notes daily after dinner.  Doing so in the morning or at another convenient time of the day is also helpful for not giving up.

2. Gratitude journal

Naming one to three things that you’re grateful for every day makes you realize that while some days don’t go the way you want them to, you do have the small joys that make a big difference.  It’s vital to stay positive and keep pursuing the challenges in life. 

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3. Digital apps

Paper or digital notes… Which one would you choose?  I must admit that I’m more for digital.  It’s convenient, I can always have them with me on my phone, and I don’t need to store paper while saving the environment.

4. Express feelings

Noting down how you feel and what you think is a handy way to understand your emotions.  When you’re sad or angry, don’t make major decisions that could be regrettable afterwards.  Take some time alone to see the facts.  Speaking mindfully can contribute much to saying the right things, in the right way, and at the right time.  

10 ways taking notes support self care brilliantly
Image from canva.com. 10 ways taking notes support self-care brilliantly – Tips from Sharvi.

5. Note affirmations

Affirmations are invaluable when it comes to boosting self-care.  Repeating words that will make a difference and motivate you in doing the right things, are powerful.  Saying them early at sunrise can set the tone for a serene and productive day ahead, as part of your morning routine.

6. Declutter list

Donating, selling (second hand), or else throwing away things that are not needed anymore and take up space has many benefits.  It feels great to see an orderly space (although some people may prefer the opposite), work is likely to be more productive, housekeeping is made easier, these are just some of the benefits.  Jot down and organise your declutter list and have an action plan to get to work.

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7. Hobby plan

What are your hobbies?  If you don’t currently have one or have been neglecting them, then how about starting a new activity?  Make a list of interesting options and choose the best.  Take notes to plan and start your avocation.  Hobbies are fun and boost personal growth.  Blogging is an obvious example for me, and I also monetize my blog.

8. To-do list

Have a daily to-do and not-to-do list.  Prioritize the important and urgent tasks, and if need be, eliminate what’s unnecessary.  This is key to better productivity, however, it also supports self-care.  Saying ‘no’ is often the best thing to do when overwhelmed to avoid burnout.

9. Dream board

A dream or vision board helps to stay motivated towards achieving your set goals and New Year’s Resolutions.  Place it somewhere you can see it often so that you can remind yourself and take action consistently.  Mine is on my phone, but having it on a wall is also helpful, as long as it’s easily visible.

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10. Scrapbooking

A scrapbook is a way to preserve family history in the form of photos, text descriptions, and so on.  When it comes to self-care, I like the idea of keeping a book and collecting things that are related to my wellness and well-being.  For example, as a teenager with acne, I used to collect magazine articles on skincare and kept them in a diary in the form of collages and notes.  It helped me to learn much on the topic and to take better care of myself.


To sum up, note-taking is handy for wellness as with many other things in life.  In my article, I’ve described some ways that you can take notes to support your self-care goals and work on them to see the desired results.  Please take a minute to comment on your experience.  If you’ve found my article helpful, please share it for more people to see.  Thank you!!

10 ways taking notes support self care brilliantly
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14 thoughts on “10 ways taking notes support self-care brilliantly

  1. I tried to make a dream board but it failed because I don’t have a lot of materials to cut things and make a collage. But I want to try again!

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  2. Thanks for sharing. I practice gratitude every evening before sleep with my hubby and it works wonders for us! I also have positive affirmations on different places in the house;) It helps to keep my mindset positive!

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  3. I love having a to-do list. I use a whiteboard for mine so I’m now wasting paper either. And I’ve been a scrapbooker my entire life and make the elementary yearbook for my kids’ school which is a digital scrapbook.

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