Do you sometimes miss out on crucial things? Perhaps you first said to yourself, that you, will remember completing a task, but it slipped your mind! Read my blog post for more…

I’m a blogger sharing tips on life, self-improvement, and self-care. I know how frustrating it can be to omit something of vital importance. I’m always finding ways to ‘make your daily life easier!’ (my tagline).

Here’s a list of 10 tips for recalling things in daily life:

1. Meditation

Meditation helps clear the mind, you remain sharp and focused. There are diverse benefits of meditating. It induces relaxation and is a fantastic means to live in the moment, mindfully.

2. Jot down

Jotting down important things to remember is quite obvious thing to do. However, taking the habit to do so, helps in case you forget the matter, later on.

3. To-do list

Having a daily to-do list is a simple, yet great way to stick to your agenda. Use prioritizing to focus on the most important and urgent tasks. Get things done on time.

How to remember things for the better
Photo courtesy Canva. How to remember things for the better, Tips from Sharvi.

4. Use apps

Mobile phone apps are helpful. Many are available to assist you in taking notes, setting up reminders, time management, forming new habits, budgeting and more.

5. Avoid googling everything

As quick and convenient as it is, always searching on the internet for information has its pros and cons. If you already know something, then take the time to recall that fact. It pushes you to remember things that you already know! Then verify online to confirm if your knowledge is indeed correct and up-to-date.

6. Avoid spell checkers

Stimulate your thinking habits… From time to time at least, check the spelling of what you write yourself so that you remember it better. Then, as a means of double-checking, use an automatic/online spell checker.

7. Learning methods

To remember what you’ve already learnt, consider how you learn. There are various methods and formats. Find your personal best option and make the most of it!

How to remember things for the better
Photo courtesy Canva. How to remember things for the better, Tips from Sharvi.

8. Visualize information

Dream boards are often used as a tool to achieve goals. Photos, images and other types of visual illustrations can quickly be understood and remind you of key things. You can also use audio, text, or other formats, based on your preferences.

9. Use mnemonics

Use mnemonics to remember things. As a student, you must have come across this technique.

Mnemonic: ‘A system such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations which assists in remembering something.’ – Lexico

10. Self-care

Proper self-care is crucial. Take care of yourself first, then do the rest… Ensure a healthy lifestyle with proper diet, regular exercise, enough sleep, social life, digital detox and so on. These are self-love habits that bring you overall and long-term wellness.


To sum up, when life gets in the way, you may forget important things. However, take the right habits to perform at your very best! Do you have any tips to share? Please do so. If you know anyone who would benefit from my blog post, please share it. Thank you!!

Photo/Image courtesy: Canva



46 thoughts on “How to remember things for the better

  1. When I study Japanese, I rarely try to use Google Translate to translate everything. If I don’t know a word, it is ok to use a dictionary. But it is much more fun to try to decipher the sentences without help. And much more valuable for memory.

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  2. Great tips my friend. I usually have to write everything down. I always have to-do list and I use apps as a back up just in case. I don’t always remember things and so i have no choice. Thanks for sharing ❤🦋

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