Creativity is known to be an important skill in many spheres of life.  From the personal to professional realms, many ways being a creative person can support in achieving the best results.  If you’re keen on finding some key ways to boost your creativity skills, read my blog post.

I’m a self-improvement blogger and write about things that I’ve learnt and experienced.  Ingenuity is such a great thing and I’d love to share some ideas with my blog readers for inspiration and motivation.

Here are 10 ways to boost your skills and I practise several of them:

Why is creativity important

1. Innovation

In a complex world with so many uncertainties, volatility, and an ever-changing environment, business innovation is a must.  An example is the current lockdown in many countries (at the time of writing this blog post), where we all as humans, and around the world, have been surprised by events, transforming our lives.  Business leaders have had to deal with and adapt to unexpected challenges.

2. Problem-solving skills

Problem-solving is a key skill to get you out of trouble.  Simply said, the way you approach an issue, analysing it, finding possible solutions, evaluating and choosing the best course of action can be crucial to the result you get.  Creativity plays an important role in handling such things in life.

3. Find new ideas

Finding better ideas and solutions can be challenging.  Yet, they’re primordial as they contribute to success.  With originality and inspiration, you can come up with better options.  Brainstorming ideas with your team is a helpful way to find a wide range of alternatives and to select the best one possible.

10 ways to boost your creativity skills
Image from 10 ways to boost your creativity skills – Tips from Sharvi.

Some creative activities

4. Writing

Writing books, ebooks, articles for newspapers or magazines, blogging, specializing in sales copywriting, or other useful things are all ways to live your passion and even make money.  Fiction writers are probably the most imaginative, as they craft stories.  Think of your favourite novels…  Why are they so outstanding?

5. Painting

Drawing, sketching, and painting are popular hobbies.  They’re also ways to destress, relax, and unwind.  Some people even take their skills to a higher level and earn a living.  Creativity, skills, practice, and talent at their best are key to producing striking pieces of art!

6. Music

The best musicians are gifted with originality.  Creating pieces of music, songs, even dance need expertise.  Imaginativeness is key.  Why do you enjoy your idol stars so much?  What sets them apart from the rest?

7. Play video games

Video games can be a fun and interesting way to develop creativity skills.  Taking up challenges and decision-making is a wonderful boost.  Play regularly and enjoy yourself.

Creativity in more fields

8. Science

Inventiveness knows no boundaries.  Scientists have to play their part too… For example, they might have to be imaginative (at least from time to time), to find potential explanations for their works. This could then lead to new possibilities and eventually may become a validated result of their research.  I’m not a scientist with technical knowledge, however, my intention is only to highlight a possible (simple) example of problem-solving skill in that field.

9. Technology

Think of the top tech companies and their products.  Edge-cutting technology and innovation are often key to success.  A device such as a smartphone is a great invention!

10. Photography

Photography is a skill that can be learnt.  Many take it professionally.  With online businesses, having great product photos on your website is primordial.  Talented and experienced photographers find ways to take better photos, improving all the time.

10 ways to boost your creativity skills
Image from 10 ways to boost your creativity skills – Tips from Sharvi.

Embrace creativity and innovation

Creativity and innovation are both your allies in producing high-quality works in endless types of projects.  These were just a few examples that I’ve highlighted above, in my article.  Fortunately, we can all learn, develop the skills, put them to practice, and keep improving to have better or even superior results.

Make the most of your creative juices for the better… and you won’t regret it!


I’ve highlighted some ways to boost creativity skills, although there are numerous other ways to do so.  Would you like to comment on your experience?  If you’ve enjoyed my article and found it helpful, please share it for others to see.  Thank you!!


23 thoughts on “10 ways to boost your creativity skills

  1. Reading reading reading. Another thing that has helped me so much is doing puzzles so random but a good sudoku book or a word search!

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  2. I must agree with you that writing has definitely become my most favorite creative outlet. I used to shy away from the idea of writing, but in the past year, it has been life-changing.

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  3. These are such wonderful tips! I love that you included video games because I think that’s a creative outlet that’s so often overlooked. Thank you so much for sharing!

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