Why use a calendar instead of a to-do list?  They’re both similar.  However, there are crucial reasons to favor one over the other.  Read my article for more.

Individuals working from home as solopreneurs often spend time alone.  I’m a blogger and also work with a company, on my terms.  How I organize my day and set my agenda is my choice.

I’ve had the experience for nine years (time of writing).  Having seen what brings better results, I share tips and ideas on my blog.  

The way you tackle your tasks can either save you time or make you lose it.  Hours and minutes are precious scarce resources.  Moments gone, never come back.

Organize your home office for productivity.  Use better methods and processes.  Slay your goals by tackling your daily plan smartly. 

Google Workspace 

I use Google Workspace for my blog.  The apps I use the most are email, Google Calendar, Docs, Sheets, and store files on Drive.  Having a high level of security is key.

You can use the free personal Gmail.  However, as a solopreneur, you need a professional approach.  I use my domain name in my emails, for example.

If you’d like to learn about using the apps, take a look at this online course.  It’s offered by Google on the Coursera platform.

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Getting started with

Google Workspace Specialization

Goal setting

Setting goals is part of the basics of starting any project.  Be it in your personal or professional life, you have goals.  It gives clarity.

Having meaningful goals is crucial.  Success in life can be for the long term.  The actions that you take daily, work towards progressing gradually.


Consider the tasks you put on your agenda.  Solopreneurs often plan their day on their own.  You risk wasting hours, if not minutes on the wrong things, if not thoughtful.  Double-check to ensure, and have a good system and process in place.


You could use a calendar instead of a to-do list, or vice versa.  Both have pros and cons.  You need to organize your tasks, activities, and events for successful completion daily.

The method you choose should be right for your needs.  Based on the nature of your activities, choose the best alternative.  However, some key points make a time calendar more beneficial than a to-do list.

My article focuses on the benefits of using time limits.  There are various advantages to it.  I’ll therefore highlight the benefits of a calendar over the other option.

Time calendar

A time calendar, such as Google Workspace, helps you to better organize.  Look at the tasks for the day, week, and month.  You can even add what you plan for this year and beyond.  



Block time and focus on your priorities.  Eliminate time wasters.  Go through all, and delete redundant things that are no longer relevant.

How to use the calendar as a to-do list?  Add events, reminders, or tasks.  Save them at the right day and moment.

Google Workspace comes with different helpful apps.  Bloggers and solopreneurs can make use of these in many ways.  Collaborate with your team or make a call with a brand or client.  Create presentations as well.  Learn the skills to be knowledgeable, taking full advantage of the features offered.

Image source: screenshot from my Google Workspace Calendar, stay organized, tipsfromsharvi.com.


Work overload

If you end up getting a load of priorities for the same day, you may feel overwhelmed.  In some cases, you might be unable to narrow down your list of tasks.  Focusing on a few major activities may seem impossible.

The same is true with to-do lists.  In both cases, there’s still too much to do.  However, a calendar is more helpful for showing deadlines.  You can, therefore, foresee and take action in advance.

You may wish to read my other article on using flow state triggers for working smarter.  I also speak of another brilliant app that I use.  I’ve partnered with the brand as an affiliate, so you’ll find a special discount code in the other post for it.

To-do list

You can use just bullet points of things to accomplish.  All it tends to serve is to show your planned tasks and other activities. Often when you use it, you have a series of things to complete.  No plan for completion or priorities.


Simple and easy

It’s simple and easy to create.  You can even proceed and work at your pace.  There’s no time to finish.

Seems relaxing

You can also move on to the next task when you finish the current one.  If you’re delayed, you might not feel any urgency.  Having a series of events to tackle with no deadline, is more relaxing.



Having no date or time to tackle things, can lead to procrastination.  It doesn’t feel hectic.  However, if you’re suddenly faced with chaos, everything may be too overwhelming.

Gets too long

Such a diary might get too long.  Your logs of things to complete could just add on.  You also might end up adding things that aren’t a real priority.  Keeping outdated tasks on your list can lead to unnecessary confusion.

Lacks urgency

A simple table of things to complete lacks urgency.  When you don’t have a date and time to finish, you might get lost in other things.  A calendar, on the other hand, helps to be on guard.

Deadlines are often helpful.  These bring a sense of urgency. You may wish to read my other article on how deadlines can boost work performance.

I once looked at a long series of uncompleted points, feeling shocked.  I asked myself, where do I start and when will I compete?  Using my Google Workspace Calendar made a significant difference. 

Handy tips

Share your calendar with others if you choose to.  It’s useful to collaborate with team members.  I even use different colors to quickly differentiate between different types of actions.

With a deadline, I know when I should finish.  In case it’s an important and urgent matter, I make it my priority.  Other things can wait, and I may even move them to the next day or week.

When I look at the app on my phone or laptop, I see the whole picture.  I quickly get a bird’s eye view of my day.  On the other hand, looking at a long list without any limits to complete is less helpful.

I quickly save any webinars that I have to attend.  I easily get reminded of them.  Not missing out on important events is crucial.

Whatever your chosen method, make the most of it.  I’ve highlighted how using Workspace supports me.  Having the day and hour tied to your agenda gives better guidance.  Plan and take the right type of action when required.


If you need to learn how to use the tools, take a look at the online course.  Make the most of the features to work smart.  Use a calendar instead of a to-do list, for all the extra benefits.

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