Kill laziness and focus on progress.  It may seem strange to admit that we can all sometimes be a bit slack.  Doing so too often is risky, as anyone can miss out on success goals.  Read on to see how you can avoid it for the better.

Productivity is a popular topic I write on.  Self-improvement tips for solopreneurs are crucial on my blog.  Everyone can find some helpful hacks to use.   

1. Productive morning routine

You may have noticed that many successful people share their morning habits.  It tends to be a crucial part of their day.  Even if just waking up early isn’t everything, it does help to start the day right.  

Is laziness contagious?  It could be if you feel influenced by your peers.  Surround yourself with those who have a desirable effect on you.

I wasn’t a typical morning person.  However, I’ve adopted better habits for better results.  I resist hitting the snooze button, although it feels tempting.

If you’d like to know more about waking up earlier, read my other article.


2. Better vitality habits

Fighting to wake up early, especially at the start, can be uncomfortable.  You may feel sluggish and drowsy.  Getting over this initial stage and seeing how bright the rest of the day can be, is key.

Choose your best activities for a successful break of dawn.  Exercising is healthy.  It also helps to stimulate happiness hormones.  Mediation, yoga, and having a nutritious breakfast can follow.

Read another of my posts for some ideas on boosting your vitality naturally.

3. Coffee or tea

Thinking of your favorite beverage can be a great motivator.  The idea and smell of your chosen cup can help you jump out of bed.  Think about it, and you may feel encouraged to move on with your day.

I used to enjoy tea for many years but moved to coffee.  My mornings are terrific because of it.  Think of anything valuable, and use it to energize yourself.

Find out more about how drinking coffee can boost productivity levels.

4. Working hour days

One of the best things about being a solopreneur is the flexibility.  You get to set your agenda as you prefer.  You may also choose not to work on certain days, according to your goals.

I currently work four to five hours a day on weekdays.  I even make it a four-day workweek if I have to cater to personal needs.  Is the 8-hour workday still relevant?

Head over to this article to see how working eight hours every day isn’t always the best option for everyone.

5. Better working processes

Find and adopt better working methods.  There may be different ways of achieving a result or completing a task.  Pin down the best one for yourself.

My blog Tips from Sharvi revolves around self-improvement for solopreneurs.  With around a decade of experience in my home office, finding better methods and processes is natural.  On my blog, I share what works best.

Visit this post to find out more about working smarter, not harder.

Lady in a purple sweater. Text: Kill laziness and embrace success: 10 handy ideas,
Lady in a purple sweater

6. Genuine interest 

Choosing activities that you’re genuinely interested in is best.  When you find meaning in your tasks, they’re more enjoyable.  On the other hand, what you don’t relish, may seem like a chore.

Remaining concentrated on your activity supports better productivity.  Focus is crucial for better progress.  You get the best of what you do.

Click to see how you can adopt a productive focus for the better.

7. Deadlines benefit you

Deadlines are often unwanted.  They could give a sense of oppression.  However, they can also be beneficial.

Is laziness bad?  Most people could or tend to agree.  If you work on your terms, you hold yourself accountable.  

I use deadlines to plan my work.  Having a time calendar instead of a to-do list creates urgency.  It’s a powerful tool to be on time.    

Head over to my other article to see how deadlines boost better work performance.

8. Save time finishing work

How lazy is too lazy?  Everyone could have a different view on that.  What if you could optimize a limited time and maximize the work done?  Wouldn’t it be ideal?

Getting more done in less time is desirable.  An increase in productivity levels is wonderful.  You can use your spare time for leisure, self-care, social activities, and more.

Visit for tips on saving time, and accomplishing work on time.


9. Reject procrastination

Say no to the urge for procrastinating.  It can be tempting to indulge sometimes.  However, if you relax all the time, you’ll miss out on your set goals.

Laziness or burnout?  Work and play are both crucial, with a good balance.  Burnout is never ok.  On the other hand, chilling out too much also brings loss.

Take a look at 20 simple ways that will help you stop procrastinating.

10. Discipline supports motivation

Inspiration is great.  It brings a new exciting idea that motivates you to take action.  You start a new project with lots of enthusiasm.  However, after some time, you may give up or put it aside.

Discipline is often better than motivation.  If you rely on motivation completely, it may decrease.  Self-discipline supports self-motivation for better success.

Find 10 ways that discipline is preferable to motivation.


Take the time to unwind.  It’s primordial to rest so that you’re full of vitality.  Remaining slack for too long, on the other hand, can be detrimental to progress.  Kill laziness if it persists, and work smarter for better productivity.

Two cogs. Text: Kill laziness and embrace success: 10 handy ideas,
Two cogs

13 thoughts on “Kill laziness and embrace success: 10 handy ideas

  1. Sleep late at night is also a cause of laziness. Circadian rhythm is disturbed and brain circuits are not refreshed. Most of the individuals are facing this problem in everyday life. They are engaged in mobile browsing or TV watching.
    Be happy and keep writing.

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  2. Good advice, a lot of very useful information.
    May I add one more? With tasks that are perhaps large, instead of a deadline do a particular amount each day. It helps prevent feelings of overwhelm by keeping the task at hand smaller and more manageable. Eventually, the task will finish itself.
    Enjoyed your article, have a great weekend.

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