Are you a nature lover? Do you spend time admiring it? There are so many valuable skills to learn by doing so. Read my article to find out more.

On my self-improvement blog, I show my readers how to make the most of things, having learnt and experienced myself.  I often take a garden walk to enjoy the serenity.  Nature has so much to teach!

If you ask yourself why life lessons are important, they are.  Being a solopreneur, blogger, and in my personal life, I’ve seen the benefits.  How does nature teach us?

Here’s my list:


1. Courageous lions

The lion is often said to be the ‘king of the jungle’.  It’s fierce, strong, and preys on other animals.  Brave, it’s also respected and feared.

While I’m not suggesting that devouring others is a noble thing (it’s not!).  I’d like to highlight the self-confidence and power associated with lions.  In our world, low self-esteem can make anyone a loser, no matter how qualified or talented one is.  On the other hand, being daring and taking up challenges can boost personal growth.

2. Intelligent eagles

Have you ever observed eagles?  It might be difficult, so, you may instead choose to watch a documentary on them.  It can help to better understand how these great birds prey with determination.

Once more, the focus is not on victimizing, but rather on the qualities and skills that make eagles so admirable.  Being smart is what’s praiseworthy about them. 


3. Team working ants

Ants have an exemplary team working spirit.  Tiny as they are, they’re organized and unselfishly carry larger objects together.  It requires much determination to accomplish such tasks.

If you’ve seen office politics, then you’re likely to admire the unity of ants.  What we humans can learn from them is so profitable.  It’s a wonderful example of synergy and success.

4. Busy bees

Similar to ants, bees are hardworking team members. They generously pollinate flowers and produce honey, among other things. With a high level of self-organization, they’re wonderful.

There’s so much to grasp from honey bees.  It’s a culture that can help boost productivity.  They also communicate well while their queen is the leader.

Smiling bee. Text: 10 valuable skills to grasp from admiring nature,
Smiling bee


5. Flowers blooming

Relish the beauty of flowers. Which colors do you prefer? Which ones smell better? Are roses your favorite? They bloom, showing youth and expressing love.

In life, people give bouquets to close ones.  They’re special and convey feelings.  They dry up and eventually die, but also leave memories to cherish.  Be like a flower, spreading joy around you.

6. Tree roots

There are both small and huge trees.  Some stand the test of time, fighting against rains and storms.  Certain are stronger than others and survive.  Having strong roots can make a huge difference

A life lesson to benefit from is to ensure that you grow ‘strong roots’.  Be it in the form of beliefs, courage, education, a strong network, or anything else.  Things that help you survive threats are powerful. 


7. Purity of lotus 

In many cultures, the lotus is a symbol of purity.  It submerges into the mud at night and reblooms in the morning.  A metaphor often used in many parts of the world.  

One key lesson could be not to underestimate others. Like the lotus in murky mud, they may have the ability to shine and enlighten those around them. Always recognize the worth of people, no matter where they come from.


8. Sunrise

Dawn is the first appearance of the light of the day.  It’s also seen as a new start, a fresh day.  There’s hope and brightness.

With a new beginning, you get a chance to work on your goals gradually, every single day.  Each baby step will bring you closer to success.

9. Sunset

At dusk, the sun goes to sleep.  Everything fades out in the dark.  It’s night and bedtime as well.  

After dusk, there’s dawn again.  Take it as an opportunity to rest and wake up with full vitality the next morning.  Perseverance is key, so, never give up.

10. River flowing 

Rivers flow, following a natural course, going downstream.  The water is normally in its purest form at the source.  It has an interesting journey and takes the time it needs.

Be your true self, doing what you have to.  Know and live by your life purpose.  Flow naturally and genuinely.

There are many things to gain from observing the environment.  Fauna, flora, and landscapes are all filled with wisdom.  All it takes is to be mindful of them and find useful life lessons. 

Why learn new skills?

Lifelong learning is in your favor.  You always grow personally and professionally.  Make the most of nature’s life lessons.


Enjoy the beauty of nature and pin down some valuable skills as well.  They’ll support you for the better.  Life lessons learned from nature are treasurable!

Editor’s Note: This blog article has been updated for better accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Beautiful lotus. Text: 10 valuable skills to grasp from admiring nature,
Beautiful lotus

22 thoughts on “10 valuable skills to grasp from admiring nature

  1. Wonderful, insightful words through which to appreciate many valuable lessons of nature. Thank you for sharing, dear Sharvina, and I wish for you a great new week ahead!

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  2. Ooh I love this post. I love nature and everything that has to do with it. It’s so glorious.
    I’ve always been fascinated by the steadfastness of ants.
    Kind of a relief to know I’m not the only one who notices them.

    I love the sunrise, sunset and the stars. Basically everything in nature inspires and calms me.
    Thank you so much for sharing!!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I have always been fascinated with ants with their ability to carry huge objects (compared to their size) together. I agree with you that they have an exemplary team working spirit. Very admirable and hoping we can adapt.

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