Relaxing your feet, specially after a long, tiring day at work, or running around, is something we all look forward to, right? At least from time to time. In today’s post, I’ll share some helpful tips that I use, find simple and easy, to relax and pamper my feet!


I prioritize comfort next to aesthetic. Having small feet (normally size 36, European standard), I unfortunately have limited choice when buying shoes, as my size seems rare in many shoe models that I try at the malls!

When I know that I’ll walk a lot, I avoid wearing high heels, and prefer my tennis shoes or other low heels instead. Standing up a lot puts pressure on the feet.

Once I wore a pair of new shoes to the crowded city centre, and having parked my car, had to walk a long way. I truly regret having worn my new shoes that day, as my feet ached from the hard material. I made a mental note to always get to know my shoes well enough, before wearing them for a whole day / having a lot to walk!

Medicated shoes help against discomfort, misalignment with the natural shape of the feet, and more.

Pamper yourself

Once at home or at the spa, don’t forget to pamper your truly important feet! Pedicures, foot bath with relaxation salts, essential oils, soothing foot massages, are all ways to help ease the pain.

Remove your shoes, take a seat, rest your feet up, and close your eyes,… you’ll feel much better!

Massage yourself

Using oil (try warm oil) or any appropriate lotion, start at the soles of your feet. Apply pressure with your thumbs, rub in circular motions, working the whole area. Pull the toes, then pinch between the toes.


Apply pressure on the nails, make upward stokes on the feet, press the heels, and back of the ankles.


Pinch the calves several times, moving upwards. Repeat more times.


Please note that there may be contra-indications to pedicure and body massage.


There are various types of exercises that help relax the feet. The ones that I normally prefer are simple and easy to do. Rotate each feet in circular motions (clockwise and anti-clockwise), then point the toes in and out. Remember to exercise the ankles, calves, knees and upper-feet as well. Warm ups are always important, prior to any exercising session.

If you drive a lot, then do relax your feet before taking the wheel. This helps to ease nervousness, and eventually does good to road safety as well!


Healthy eating habits bring us overall benefits and holistic wellness. Drinking plenty of water, consuming enough fruits and vegetables, having a daily balanced diet, breathing fresh air, exercising regularly, and yes… laughter therapy, will help to keep you fit, full of energy, boost stamina, and indirectly, aid against tiredness as well!

If needed, please speak to your Medical Practitioner / Dietitian, to find the best foods that you should take.

Would you like to share your tips as well? Please do so (kindly abstain from naming brands for commercial purposes / only share a link if informative). Thanks!


  • Please consult your Medical Practitioner / Doctor, if in doubt, before starting treatments such as pedicures, body massage, and more.
  • For info about food for strong bones, please visit the NHS.

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