Feeling cheerful is essential.  Do you dedicate enough time for yourself daily?  Read my blog post for simple, yet helpful ideas on pampering yourself up at home.

Disclaimer: My blog is to be used for general information, inspirational, and motivational purposes. I share things that I’ve learnt and experienced.  In case of need, do seek help from a professional in the relevant field.

Here’s a list of 34 jolly activities you can choose from:

  1. Dance on your own if you’re all alone at home.
  2. Sing karaoke and even in the bathroom.
  3. Stimulate your happiness hormones by exercising, staying in the sun a little, watching funny movies…
  4. Laughter therapy is a part of yoga.
  5. Relaxation. You need to relax, as doing so brings back the normal state of wellbeing after the hard work that you’ve done.
  6. Favourite activities. Recover from a tiring day, just spend time the way you choose to!
  7. Nutritious foods. Always take adequate portions of healthy foods, drink lots of water, and cut down on excess oily, sugary, and unhealthy foods if necessary.
  8. Best beverage. Recharge with your favourite cup of coffee or tea.
  9. Serenity. Make the most of meditation, yoga, tai chi.  Listen to soothing music and feel the calmness around… mindfully.
  10. Pray. Praying helps to feel better and you’ll be blessed!
  11. Cardio. Give yourself a boost of energy.  Do cardio early in the morning and feel the vitality.
  12. Garden walk. Take a few minutes to walk in your garden if you have one.  Observe the beauty of the trees and flowers.  Hear the chirping of the birds.
  13. Skincare. Take care of your skin.  Have a daily routine for cleaning, toning, and moisturizing.  Also, use a face scrub and mask a few times a month.  For the gents, proper moisturizing after a shave is essential.  You should also use sunscreen.
  14. Pamper yourself. Give yourself a facial, manicure, or pedicure.
  15. Get into a warm bubble bath or use essential oils for all the comfort that you need.
  16. Footbath. Soak your feet in warm water.  Add some relaxation salts of your choice.
  17. Massage yourself. Massage the soles of your feet, your head, and apply pressure at the temples.
  18. Bake yourself your favourite cake, homemade.
  19. Try out new recipes. Experiment with cooking new dishes and enjoy tasting them.  
  20. Mix different fruits and try out different types of smoothies.  
  21. Journaling. Keep a gratitude journal and write in it daily.
  22. Talk to a friend. Phone someone close and pour out your heart.  However, be sure that the person is a sincere and trustworthy pal.
  23. Family time. Spend quality time with your family.  Prepare and have dinner together. 
  24. Enjoy your hobbies. Make the most of your spare time by indulging in your cherished hobbies.
  25. Spend time drawing or painting.  It’s calming. 
  26. Find your treasured books and read them again. 
  27. Crying often makes people feel better.  It’s like an outlet for your feelings.
  28. Not an activity in itself. However, know when you can’t take on more, say ‘no’ when you need to.
  29. Proper sleep. Always have enough sleep.  Induce good sleep by having the right bedroom environment.
  30. Digital detox. Control your screen habits, especially before bedtime. 
  31. Avoid FOMO. Avoid the fear of missing out by controlling how much time you spend on social media.
  32. Self-care is essential for your overall health, wellness, and wellbeing.
  33. Use self-care apps. Make the most of apps to control and develop new and better self-care habits that last.
  34. Have a daily self-care routine, doing activities that you enjoy, and look forward to.

There are many ways to brighten up your day at home.  Find your most-preferred ones and incorporate them into your daily life.


To sum up, staying cheerful is essential.  Pamper yourself daily through the simple joys of life.  What’s your top happiness advice?   Would you like to share it in the comments below?  If someone you know needs such tips, please share my post.  Thank you!!

34 ideas to cheer yourself up at home
Courtesy of Canva. 34 ideas to cheer yourself up at home – Tips from Sharvi.
34 ideas to cheer yourself up at home
Courtesy of Canva. 34 ideas to cheer yourself up at home – Tips from Sharvi.

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Fear of missing out

Feel better and happy


25 thoughts on “34 ideas to cheer yourself up at home

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    Dog walking Baby Sitting that kind of thing to earn some extra cash. Has anyone any good ideas for instant cash?. Chris Smith.

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  2. These are all great ideas to cheer oneself up. I just took a walk through the park and even sat down a bit to just take in nature. I notice how my mood improves when I take time for self-care.

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  3. All excellent ideas for not making up for sadness, anxiety and isolation, but it cannot go on indefinitely. We are social animals and without human contact like flowers without water sooner or later we will wither unless this is already happening …

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