A home office is a special corner of the house, dedicated to your office work.  You may be an employee working from home, self-employed, freelancer, solopreneur, or mompreneur.  Either way, setting up a workspace that is comfortable and conducive to productivity is vital for desired results.

I’m a self-improvement blogger with corporate working, entrepreneurship, and work from home experiences.  Having been home-based and working on my terms for over 8 years (at the time of writing this blog post), I’d love to share some tips and ideas with my readers.  They are simple things that you already know about but use them as an opportunity to reflect and improve upon. 

Here are 10 ways to better organize your home office:

1. Quiet place

Working from your house can be distracting with family and especially kids around.  Find a quiet space, away from the TV and other noisy activities.  Concentration is key to being productive and doing office work.


2. Light music

I enjoy soothing music when I schedule my social media posts and do other small tasks that don’t need my full concentration.  On the other hand, working on my blog stats and writing articles often need more focus with no music playing.  I play my favourite tracks at a volume of around 10 to 12 on YouTube.  This is inspiring and motivating!

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3. Enough light

Make sure you get enough light for reasonable visibility and maintain good eyesight.  Move your desk closer to the window to get natural sunlight, saving electricity.  Later in the evening when there’s less natural light, turn on the electric light.  Prefer economical light bulbs such as LED. 

4. Air circulation

Air circulation is vital to staying focused and energized.  If you live in an area where there’s no pollution, make the most of the fresh air by keeping the windows open.  Good air ventilation is very important.

5. Ergonomic furniture

Prefer an ergonomic office desk and chair.  Spending hours slouched over while working on your computer isn’t a good idea.  Take regular breaks, move out of your workspace, stretch your limbs and drink some water to feel fresh again.  Some light exercises between breaks can help to loosen any stiffness and feel relaxed.

10 ways to better organize your home office

6. Office equipment

When just starting your home office, set up your desktop or laptop in the right place.  Avoid shiny reflections on the screen.  You may also need a telephone, printer, and more, depending on the nature of your work. 

I’ve eliminated a printer that I previously had for my former home shopping business.  Since I started my blog, I no longer need to print paper.  I’m also in a marketing role, working with a company.  I haven’t had to print any document for quite a few years, saving money on both ink and paper!

7. Stationery

Get yourself durable stationery.  Some pens, pencils, highlighters, a stapler, ruler, and hole punch for paper files.  I prefer digital apps to store my notes so that I can have fewer paper files.  It’s more convenient to store and access information anywhere on the cloud.  However, I do keep a few paper records of important data, such as my financial accounts.

8. Inspiring decor

Spending time in your home office should be as pleasant as possible… rather enjoyable!  It’s better to appreciate this corner of the house, as you spend a significant number of hours there, daily.  Choose your favourite colours and style. 

9. Minimalism

I go for a simple arrangement of furniture and decor, all clutter-free.  Minimalism just amazes me and helps to boost productivity.  Looking at inspiring text and images supports motivation.


10. More articles

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When you have a workspace that you love, it’s a great thing.  Organize this corner of the house to spend hours in it daily.  Most importantly, enjoy this place and work wholeheartedly.


Having a home office that you look forward to is a great thing.  It’s inspiring and motivating.  When you love your workspace, you strive in an environment that you relish.  If you find my article helpful, please like, comment, and share.  Thank you!!

10 ways to better organize your home office
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  1. I completely agree with you. It is important to keep the home office organized to increase productivity. I always choose a minimalist way. I can’t just see too many things just kept around without any use.

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