Struggles, hardships, overcoming obstacles are all part of life and concern everyone, even the most fortunate.  Some may be luckier than others, however, we’re all humans and need to face such encounters, at least from time to time.  Read my blog post to see how you can make the most of such experiences to grow stronger, for the better.

Disclaimer: My blog is to be used for general information, inspirational, and motivational purposes. I share things that I’ve learnt and experienced.  In case of need, do seek help from a professional in the relevant field.

I blog about self-improvement, sharing what I’ve learnt and experienced with my readers.  There are many times when I faced battles of my own, having to strive just like anyone else.  I chose to learn from these moments and grow personally instead of giving up in dismay.

Here are 10 ways struggles make you more resilient:

1. Life lessons

My number one point is lessons learnt.  It’s probably the main example I chose to give, as all the other points are related and support it well.   When faced with difficulties to tackle, although there’s discomfort and maybe even pain in the process, you come out as a winner by gaining invaluable lessons.

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2. Learn from past failure

Failure is just an opportunity to grow and never repeat the same mistake.  Learn from your blunders and grow vigilant in the future.  Benefit from what the elderly at home tell you, great personalities, thought leaders and proven industry best practices.  They know it all and have been there before, be it personal or professional advice.

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3. Matured with experience

Hardships widen your know-how by bringing wisdom.  Become mature with age and experience.  No one knows everything, so there’s always something new to discover.  Maturity supports you in behaving mindfully and with caution.

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How life struggles help you grow stronger
Image from How life struggles help you grow stronger – Tips from Sharvi.

4. Once bitten twice shy 

‘once bitten, twice shy’

The proverb illustrates how living an undesired moment tends to make people think twice when taking action in the future.  As a toddler, I put my finger in a cup of piping hot coffee and knew that I shouldn’t repeat it.  In life, for example, you learn who are your true friends and who are those you prefer avoiding for the better.

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5. Smile through tears

‘Smile through your tears’

Conflicts that bring with them some form of loss are uncomfortable.  Learn to smile through your tears, as at that point, you’ve become stronger than you ever were!  Instead of holding yourself back, have the courage to say that there will be another chance and you won’t miss it.

6. Grow stronger

Grow stronger through struggles.  What seemed unachievable before, becomes more familiar through experience.  When you strive in new circumstances, you eventually learn more about them.

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7. Support close ones

Becoming more resilient, you can offer support to others close to you.  It may be emotionally, financially, physically, or any other way that’s possible.  One example could be when faced with a crisis, those who are tougher tend to lend a helping hand.

8. Focus on the necessary

It’s important to focus on what needs to be done while casting aside all the unnecessary distractions.  Having been through struggles, you have precious experience, and in given circumstances, you can concentrate on the real thing.  On the other hand, a newbie is likely to take more time figuring out what should be done.

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9. Glass half full not empty

‘See the glass half full’

Instead of becoming bitter with hardship, choose to see the glass that’s half full (not empty).  It’s a choice to make.  Choose to see the brighter side where there’s optimism.  There will always be ups and downs, but keep going.

10. Persevere

Perseverance is key to success. It may not be the only thing needed, but it can make a major difference between those who only participated in the race and the ones who made it to the finish line.  Giving up too soon can be the reason for losing, on the other hand, persistence (coupled with all the other things that the best athletes have) can make the winning difference.

10 reasons to persevere

My list of 10 points end here and serve as an inspiration for my readers.  I’m sure you may add on to the list through your own experience.  Challenges are hard but worth living for personal growth.

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How life struggles help you grow stronger
Image from How life struggles help you grow stronger – Tips from Sharvi.


To sum up, life struggles can be a blessing in disguise.  They allow you to learn and improve.  If you find my article helpful, please leave a comment, like, or share it for more people to see.  Thank you!!


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