Do you feel exhausted, stressed and even discouraged sometimes? When life throws unwanted experiences at you or when you feel worn out due to work, study, family life or for any other reasons,… then unwinding regularly is an absolute must!

On my journey to always finding better ways to relax, and doing so healthily, I’ve read, learnt and personally experienced things that I’m sharing with you on my blog. In this post, I’ll guide you to 8 of my other published posts that help you to take a real break:

1. Sleep is primordial to your holistic well-being. To find out more, please read 10 tips for proper sleep.

2. Do you get exhausted after a day’s work, at least from time to time? Do your feet ache by the time you get home from work? See 6 ways to relax your tired feet.

Photo by Pixabay on 6 ways to relax your tired feet, Tips from Sharvi.
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3. Do tension and uncontrolled temper drive you to do things that you later on regret? Find ways to calm down and feel better, through my blog post 10 anger management tips.

4. Are you glued to your screen at work, when you return home and during the weekends? Find ways to duly take a break from devices, by reading Need for a digital detox?.

Tips from Sharvi
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5. To find various ways to spend your spare time positively, check out 12 tips for a new hobby.

6. Find comfort while enjoying activities together with your pet… Head over to my blog post Loving your pet fosters well-being!

Tips from Sharvi
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7. Unwinding involves self-love and caring about yourself. Learn about My top 12 daily self-care habits, which you’ll surely find helpful for yourself!

8. Last but not least, happiness is intrinsic and comes from within. Find 25 tips for inner-peace, because you deserve it so much!

Tips from Sharvi
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While being under pressure is part of life, don’t forget to take the time to unwind, replenish and recharge yourself regularly and healthily! In this blog post, I’ve introduced/reminded you of some of my published posts, to help you soothe and relax. Would you like to add anything else to what I’ve said? Would you like to share your tips? Please do so. Thank you!

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22 thoughts on “8 ideas to unwind

  1. 🙂 Great tips, Sharvina.

    Unfortunately, a large percentage of us do not get enough sleep.

    People have adopted the habit of carrying their smartphones to their bed; which of course, led to people getting less sleep.

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