You may either be health-conscious or not.  However, wellness and well-being should be a priority in everyone’s life.  Wellness is rather a broad topic.  In this blog post, I’ll bring together many of my published articles that relate to wellness and well-being.

Wellness – ‘The state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.’ – as on Lexico

Disclaimer: My blog is to be used for general information, inspirational, and motivational purposes. I share things that I’ve learnt and experienced.  In case of need, do seek help from a professional in the relevant field.  

Secondly, during the COVID-19 lockdown (at the time of writing), do respect social distancing while practising any physical activities.

As a self-improvement blogger, I also write about self-care, as I strongly believe that both go hand-in-hand. 

Here’s a list of 31 blog posts to make you smile (because wellness is priceless!):

Fitness (1-5)

Whether you practise cardio or sports, having regular exercise is crucial to your health.  I started enjoying cardio, even more, when I realized that it not only keeps me in shape but gives me a boost of vitality while stimulating my happiness hormones.


Nutrition (6-9)

Eating a healthy, nutritious, balanced diet is vital, and drinking lots of water as well.  I enjoy my dishes even more since I’ve bought a health fryer.  This means that I now enjoy a convenient, time-saving, healthy cooking method, as well as relishing my favourite cuisine!


31 wellness articles to make you smile
Courtesy of Canva. 31 wellness articles to make you smile – Tips from Sharvi.

Relaxation (10-15)

While work is essential, so is relaxation.  Make it a must to unwind and replenish daily so that you’re fit and feel fresh to get back to work again… Achieve your set goals.


Meditation (16-18)

Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and tai chi are examples of activities that bring you diverse benefits.  They make you relax, feel serene, and much more.  Choose any that you prefer, and incorporate it/them into your morning routine.


Emotions (19-25)

Our emotions play a pivotal role in how we think and react.  Wellness is closely related to happiness.  The good thing is that pure joy comes from within.  So, even though as human beings we can’t control our lives to 100%, we can, fortunately, have an attitude that will make a difference in how we feel and approach life.

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Grooming (26-29)

When it comes to wellness, some people could say, what has grooming got to do with it?  However, I realized that when I know that I’m looking my best, I tend to feel better than when I look neglected.  Maybe it’s the self-confidence that comes from wearing great clothes, good make-up, having well-styled hair, and so on.  Isn’t the same true for you?

Take a look at:

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Self-care (30-31)

Self-care and self-love aren’t selfish.  They’re something to be proud of and practise regularly.  If you don’t take care of yourself first, you might not be able to perform at a high level professionally.  Same goes for your personal life.  When you’re full of vitality, you can better take care of the important people in your life, making the most of those golden moments.

Read about:

31 wellness articles to make you smile
Courtesy of Canva. 31 wellness articles to make you smile – Tips from Sharvi.

As I already mentioned, I’ve listed various of my older blog articles.  Feel free to click on the links and read any that may interest you for more details.  Most importantly, do practise activities that support your wellness and well-being by adopting them as your natural daily habits.


To sum up, wellness is of great importance in life.  When you’re healthy and full of vitality, you can better focus on things that need your attention and work on accomplishing them.  Would you like to leave a comment below, telling us about your experience?  If you know someone who should read this article, please share it.  Thank you and take care, always!!





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  1. What an awesome list! Wellness is indeed different than “healthy”. We all need to do good things for our body. And I wholeheartedly agree that the better you look/feel, the more confidence you will have.

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